2nd Edition

Christianity in China A Scholars' Guide to Resources in the Libraries and Archives of the United States

By Xiaoxin Wu, Wu Xiaoxin Copyright 2009

    Now revised and updated to incorporate numerous new materials, this is the major source for researching American Christian activity in China, especially that of missions and missionaries. It provides a thorough introduction and guide to primary and secondary sources on Christian enterprises and individuals in China that are preserved in hundreds of libraries, archives, historical societies, headquarters of religious orders, and other repositories in the United States. It includes data from the beginnings of Christianity in China in the early eighth century through 1952, when American missionary activity in China virtually ceased. For this new edition, the institutional base has shifted from the Princeton Theological Seminary (Protestant) to the Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural Relations at the University of San Francisco (Jesuit), reflecting the ecumenical nature of this monumental undertaking.

    This book investigates the belief patterns that underly alternative perspectives of development thought and policy. It discusses the differing theories and models of development in a discursive manner to highlight the importance of interaction between academic discourse and everyday life experiences. Utilizing insights drawn from the history of ideas, economic history, philosophy and political economy, the author shows how the field of development economics has evolved.


    Archie R. Crouch, Steven Agoratus, Arthur Emerson, Debra E. Soled, Xiaoxin Wu, Daniel Bays

    "Scholar's Guide is a map to finding the buried treasures of mission archives held in the United States. ... As a resource, this is without question an important "guide" to navigating the missiological material held in the United States." - Niki J. P. Alsford, Oriental Insitute, Czech Academy of Sciences