1st Edition

Chromatographic Analysis of Alkaloids

    Beginning with classification, nomenclature, and structures, this reference discussesphysicochemical properties of alkaloids relevant to the chromatographic process.Chromatographic Analysis of Alkaloids explores the main experimental factors affectingthe separation and detection of alkaloids in gas (GC), liquid (LC), and thinlayer(1LC) chromatography ... illustrates separation conditions described in recentliterature ... provides, for a given compound, the GC, LC, and 1LC techniquesavailable within the same paragraph ... surveys, in tabular form, the methods forsample preparation for chromatographic analysis ... contains over 1,200 up-to-datereferences covering the majority of papers on the chromatography of alkaloids... and more.Serving as a rich resource of practical information, Chromatographic Analysis ofAlkaloids is essential reading for analytical, organic, natural products, and forensicchemists and biochemists, pharmacologists, and graduate-level students in thesedisciplines.


    Milan Popl, Jan Fahnrich, Vlastimil Tatar Prague Institute of Chemical Technology