Chromosomal Instability and Aging : Basic Science and Clinical Implications book cover
1st Edition

Chromosomal Instability and Aging
Basic Science and Clinical Implications

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ISBN 9780824708566
Published January 29, 2003 by CRC Press
608 Pages

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Book Description

This text examines the relationship between DNA damage and repair, cellular senescence, genomic instability, and aging. The authors provide in-depth discussions of various types of DNA damage, the DNA repair network, and cellular responses to genetic damage to assess their impact on the modulation of aging processes and age-related diseases, including cancer development. Chromosomal Instability and Aging describes cloning genes for human chromosomal instability disorders, the causal factors and consequences of chromosomal injury, the telomere hypothesis of aging, and age-dependant mitochondrial genetic instability. It includes more than 2200 references to facilitate further research, making it an informative and timely guide.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the pathobiology of ageing; overview of chromosomal instability and ageing mechanisms. Replicative senescence, telomere regulation and chromosomal instability: cell senescence; telomere shortening and replicative ageing; telomere regulation in eukaryotic cells. Human premature ageing and chromosomal instability syndromes: Werner syndrome; Bloom syndrome - genetic, cellular and molecular features as compared to Werner syndrome; molecular biology of Rothmund-Thomson syndrome; molecular biology of Rothmund-Thomson syndrome. Ageing in model organisms: genomic instability and yeast ageing; the genetics of ageing in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans; ageing, somatic maintenance, and genome stability Drosophilia melanogaster.

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