1st Edition

Chromosomal Nonhistone Protein Volume II: Immunology

By L. S. Hnilica Copyright 1983

    The second volume of the Chromosomal Nonhistone Proteins treatise is dedicated in its entirety to the immunobiology of these proteins. Since immunological methods are adding rapidly to our knowledge of the specificity and intranuclear localization of chromosomal nonhistone proteins, a collection of chapters dealing with various aspects of this important area was judged appropriate.

    1. Immunochemical Methods in Nonhistone Protein Research 2. Tumor Nucleolar Antigens 3. Antibodies to Chromatin and its Components 4. Nonhistone Protein Antigens in Human Rheumatic and Connective Tissue Disease 5. Localization of Nonhisotne Chromosomal Proteins of Polytene Chromosomes 6. Viral Antigens in the Cell Nucleus


    L. S. Hnilica