1st Edition

Chromosomal Nonhistone Protein Volume IV: Structural Associations

By L. S. Hnilica Copyright 1984

    The fourth and last volume of Chromosomal Nonhistone Proteins sequence attempts to confront these macromolecules with the major structural elements of the cell nucleus (with the exception of nucleosomes which will be treated separately in a later treatise). Proteins of the chromosomes, nucleoli, nuclear membrane, RNP particles, and nuclear matrix are described in detail.

    1. Nuclear Envelope Eroteins 2. Nuclear Ribonucleoproteins Containing Heterogeneous RNA 3. Organization and Function of the Nuclear Matrix 4. Proteins of the Metaphase Chromosome 5. Nonhistone Proteins and the Structural Organization of Chromosomes 6. Nucleolar Proteins


    L. S. Hnilica