1st Edition

Chronic Myofascial Pain A Patient-Centered Approach

By Caroline Ashley, Aileen Currie Copyright 2004

    This comprehensive easy-to-read compendium on renal drugs has been revised and updated with 200 additional drugs that affect renal function. It has been compiled by the UK Renal Pharmacy Group who have specific expertise in this field. It should be of interest to: hospital pharmacists; hospital, medical school and general practice libraries; and doctors and nurses treating patients with impaired kidney function (not necessarily for kidney disease).

    The magnitude of the problem and consequences for patients. The disease: chronic myofascial pain. Prevailing multidimensional models for clinical understanding of chronic pain syndromes. Clinical and laboratory examination. The illness experience. Women in pain: the meanings of symptoms and illness. Understanding the whole person. Family, work and rehabiliation for women in pain. A painful life: between multiple layers of oppression. The patient-clinician relationship. Difficult patient or difficult relationships: when things go wrong. Empowering the patient by reframing the discourse. Management of the chronic myofascial pain including finding common ground. Medication and injections. Modifying the frame of patient-physician interaction: exemplified by writing an illness diary. Cross disciplinary approaches and physiotherapy. From individual treatment to learning in groups: a group learning program as an example of occupational rehabilitation approaches. Acupuncture and myofascial pain. The art of living with pain: recovery through acknowledgement. The challenges of chronic myofascial pain: commitment to patient perspectives.


    Caroline Ashley, Aileen Currie