Chronicles of Qalāwūn and his son al-Ashraf Khalīl  book cover
1st Edition

Chronicles of Qalāwūn and his son al-Ashraf Khalīl

ISBN 9781138368323
Published April 7, 2020 by Routledge
436 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This volume provides translations of texts on the Mamluk Sultan Qalāwūn (1279-90) and his son al-Malik al-Ashraf (1290-93), which cover the end of the Crusader interlude in the Syrian Levant.

Translated from the original Arabic, these chronicles detail the Mamluk perception of the Crusaders, the Mongol menace, how this menace was confronted, and a wealth of materials about the Mediterranean basin in the late thirteenth century. Treaties, battles, sieges and embassies are all revealed in these chronicles, most of which have not been translated previously.

The translated texts provide a range of historical records concerning Qalāwūn and al-Ashraf,

and include the court perspective of Ibn `Abd al-Ẓāhir, the later biography by his nephew Shafī`, and the writings of the Mamluk historian Baybars al-Mansūrī.

Table of Contents


Text 1a. Ibn `Abd al-Ẓāhir, Tashrīf al-ayyām wa-l-`uṣūr fī sīrat al-Malik al-Manṣūr

Text 1b. Ibn `Abd al-Ẓāhir, al-Alṭāf al-khafiyya min al-sīra al-sharīfa al-sulṭāniyya al-malikiyya al-ashrafiyya (selections)

Text 2. al-Ashraf’s treaty with Jaime II of Aragon

Text 3. al-Shafī` b. `Alī, al-Faḍl al-ma’thūr fi sīrat al-Malik al-Manṣūr (selections)

Text 4a. Baybars al-Manṣūrī, Zubdat al-fikra

Text 4b. Baybars al-Manṣūrī, al-Tuḥfa al-mulūkiyya fi al-dawla al-Turkiyya

Text 4c. Baybars al-Manṣūrī, Mukhtārāt al-akhbār


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David Cook is professor of religion at Rice University, US. His areas of specialisation include early Islamic history and development, Muslim apocalyptic literature, radical Islam, historical astronomy, and Judeo-Arabic literature. His previous publications include ‘The Book of Tribulations’: The Syrian Muslim Apocalyptic Tradition: An Annotated Translation by Nu`aym b. Hammad al-Marwazi (2017).