1st Edition

Church and State in Contemporary Europe

Edited By Zsolt Enyedi, John T.S. Madeley Copyright 2003

    This volume represents an attempt in integrating a wide range of theoretically relevant issues into the identification and analysis of church-state patterns. Each chapter focuses on the analysis of a particular theme and its role in shaping, and/or being shaped by, church-state relations.

    European liberal democracy and the principle of stae religious neutrality, John T.S. Madeley; a framework for the comparative analysis of Church-State relations in Europe, John T.S. Madeley; Church-State separation Swedish-style, Goran Gustafsson; the illusion of State neutrality in a secularizing Ireland, Bill Kissane; the Italian State - no longer Catholic, no longer Christian, Mark Donovan; orthodoxy and nationalism in the Greek case, George Mavrogordatos; Catholicism and democratic consolidation in Spain and Poland, John Anderson; the contested politics of positive neutrality in Hungary, Zsolt Enyedi; the Catholic Church and civil society - democratic options in the post-Communist Czech Republic, Joan O'Mahony; the policy impact of Church-State relations - family policy and abortion in Britain, France and Germany, Michael Minkenberg; conclusion - emerging issues in the study of Church-State relations, Zsolt Enyedi.


    Zsolt Enyedi, John T.S. Madeley

    'A study which offers a solid conceptual framework for the analysis of recent developments.' - Ecclesiastical Law Journal