Cilia and Mucus : From Development to Respiratory Defense book cover
1st Edition

Cilia and Mucus
From Development to Respiratory Defense

ISBN 9780824704414
Published July 27, 2001 by CRC Press
450 Pages

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Book Description

This book details advances in research regarding cilia, mucus, and mucociliary clearance, examining changes in mucus expression and goblet cell metaplasia, and assessing the ability of the mucociliary system to respond to abnormalities.
Recognizes that cilia and dynein arms play pivotal roles in developing mammalian embryos!
Examines the role of genetics in normal and abnormal ciliary function!
Discussing scientific fundamentals, current diagnostic techniques, and clinically tested treatments, Cilia and Mucus

  • analyzes the regulation of ciliary waves at the cellular level
  • considers irregularities of upper and lower airways and cilia in systems of the body
  • explores potential modulators of airway mucin secretion
  • proposes a novel therapy for airway hypersecretion due to the epidermal growth factor cascade
  • clarifies gamma camera imaging to measure mucociliary clearance
  • describes the effect of purinergic receptors and dry powder mannitol on airway passages
  • and more!
    With contributions from over 100 international researchers and clinicians, and containing over 1300 references, drawings, photographs, tables, and equations, Cilia and Mucus is a unique single-source reference for pulmonologists, physiologists, immunologists, allergists, otolaryngologists, pediatricians, microbiologists, basic scientists, and graduate and medical school students in these disciplines.
  • Table of Contents


    Cytoplasmic Dynein-2 and Ciliogenesis
    David J. Asai
    Dynein Motor Activity During Ciliary Beating
    Michael E. J. Holwill
    Ciliary Growth by Intraciliary Trafficking
    Dawn Signor, Karen P. Wedaman, Jose T. Orozco, Lesilee S. Rose, and Jonathan M. Scholey
    The Regulation of Airway Ciliary Beat Frequency by Intracellular Calcium
    Michael J. Sanderson, Alison B. Lansley, and John H. Evans
    Modeling the Response of Mammalian Ciliary Beating to Changes in Cytoplasmic Calcium
    Matthias Salathe and Richard J. Bookman
    Enhancement of CBF Is Dominantly Controlled by PKG and/or PKA
    Alex Braiman, Natalya Uzlaner, and Zvi Priel
    Modulation of Ciliary Motility by Na+
    Shai D. Silberberg, Alon Korngreen, Weiyuan Ma, Natalya Uzlaner, and Zvi Priel
    Presentation of Ciliary Beat Frequency Results to Our Peers
    X. Mwimbi, R. Muimo, and Anil Mehta
    Identifying the Genes for Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia and Kartagener Syndrome
    Michal Witt, Ewa Rutkiewicz, Yue-Fen Wang, Cui-e Sun, Diego F. Wyszynski, Scott R. Diehl, Jacek Pawlik, and Jerzy Zebrak
    Homozygosity Mapping as an Approach for Identifying Genes Involved in Primary
    Ciliary Dyskinesia S. L. Spiden and H. M. Mitchison
    Mutations in the Novel Mammalian Gene DNAI1 Result in Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
    Gaëlle Pennarun, Catherine Chapelin, Anne-Marie Bridoux, Valère Cacheux, Michel Goossens, Serge Amselem, Bénédicte Duriez, Estelle Escudier, Gilles Roger, and Annick Clément
    Molecular Strategies for the Study of Human Cilia
    Lawrence E. Ostrowski
    Ciliated Ependymal Cells: The Effect of Streptococcus pneumoniae on the Beat Frequency Response
    Robert A. Hirst, T. J. Mitchell, P. W. Andrew, and C. O'Callaghan
    The Cytoprotective Effects of Macrolides, Azalides, and Ketolides on Human Ciliated Epithelium In Vitro
    Charles Feldman, Ronald Anderson, Annette J. Theron, Peter Cole,and Robert Wilson
    Examining Mucociliary Differentiation of Human Nasal Epithelial Cells In Vitro
    J. Laoukili, K. Million, O. Houcine, F. Marano, Frédéric Tournier, E. Perret, and D. Caput


    Respiratory Tract Mucins
    Julia R. Davies and Ingemar Carlstedt
    MARCKS Protein: A Potential Modulator of Airway Mucin Secretion
    Yuehua Li, Linda D. Martin, and Kenneth B. Adler
    Airway Goblet and Mucous Cells: Identical, Similar, or Different?
    C. William Davis and Scott H. Randell
    Regulation of Respiratory Mucin Gene Expression by Neutrophil Elastase
    Judith A. Voynow and Bernard M. Fischer
    Pseudomonas Adhesion to MUC1 Mucins: A Potential Role of MUC1 Mucins in Clearance of Inhaled Bacteria
    Kwang Chul Kim, Sang Won Hyun, Beom Tae Kim, Daoud Meerzaman, Min Ki Lee, and ErikLillehoj
    High-Density DNA Microarray Membranes to Study Gene Expression Patterns Associated with Human Airway Epithelial Cell Differentiation in Culture
    Mary M. J. Chang, Yin Chen, Yu Hua Zhao, Reen Wu, Ching Li, and Konan Peck
    In Vivo Models of Airway Goblet Cell Hyperplasia and Mucin Gene Expression
    Alinka K. Smith and Duncan F. Rogers
    Interleukin-13-Induced Mucous Cell Hyperplasia in Airway Epithelium
    Linda D. Martin, Brian W. Booth, Nancy J. Akley, Kenneth B. Adler, Mariangela Macchione, and James C. Bonner
    Airway Mucins and Lung Cancer
    Chong-Jen Yu and Pan-Chyr Yang
    Charged Oligosaccharides as Novel Mucolytic Therapies
    Malcolm King, Eiichi Sudo, and Martin M. Lee


    Modeling Aspects of Tracer Transport in Mucociliary Flows
    J. R. Blake and E. A. Gaffney
    P2Y2 Receptors and Ca2+-Dependent Cl- Secretion in Normal and Cystic Fibrosis Human Airway Epithelia
    Carla M. Pedrosa Ribeiro, Anthony M. Paradiso, Eduardo Lazarowski, and Richard C. Boucher
    Role of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Cascade in Airway Hypersecretion and Proposal for Novel Therapy
    Jay A. Nadel
    In Vivo Measurement of Mucociliary Clearance: The Use of Gamma Camera Imaging
    Joy Conway
    Regulation of Mucociliary Clearance by Purinergic Receptors
    William D. Bennett, Peadar G. Noone, Michael Knowles, and Richard C. Boucher
    The Effect of Dry Powder Mannitol on the Clearance of Mucus
    Evangelia Daviskas, Michael Robinson, Sandra D. Anderson, and Peter T. P. Bye
    Neutrophil Elastase and Antigen-Induced Mucociliary Dysfunction
    Thomas O'Riordan and William M. Abraham
    Mechanisms of Clearance of Soluble Substances from the Intrathoracic Airways
    W. Michael Foster and Elizabeth M. Wagner
    The Role of Cough in Lung Mucus Clearance
    Amir Hasani and John E. Agnew
    Cough Clearance of Mucus Simulants in Endotracheal Tubes: Patterns of Catastrophic Separation at Controlled Linear Velocities
    Peter Krumpe, Bruce Denney, Amgad Hassan,Ross Albright, and Cahit Evrensel

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    …a comprehensive and up-to-date review of the topic.