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Cinema and Society

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This series examines the connections between films and societies which produce them. Film as entertainment, film as myth, film as propaganda, film as national expression and film as historical evidence are all aspects of the subject that have been covered. The series is built on the assumption that film helps us to understand the changing social and sexual roles of men and women, attitudes to race and class, peace and war, love and death, in many cultures during the twentieth century.

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The Hidden Cinema British Film Censorship in Action 1913-1972

The Hidden Cinema: British Film Censorship in Action 1913-1972

1st Edition

By James C. Robertson
May 21, 1993

How does film censorship work in Britain? Jim Robertson's new paperback edition of The Hidden Cinema argues that censorship has had a far greater influence on British film history than is often apparent, creating the `hidden cinema' of the title. Robertson charts the role of the British Board of ...

Realism and Tinsel Cinema and Society in Britain 1939-48

Realism and Tinsel: Cinema and Society in Britain 1939-48

1st Edition

By Robert Murphy
April 16, 1992

With themes ranging from passion and romance to murder and psychological disturbance, popular British film in the 1940s found little favour with the critics, but provided thrills and entertainment for millions of people during a time of austerity and danger. Realism and Tinsel looks beyond the ...

J. Arthur Rank and the British Film Industry

J. Arthur Rank and the British Film Industry

1st Edition

By Geoffrey Macnab
October 24, 1994

Presiding over the "golden era" of the British Film Industry from the mid to late 1940s, J. Arthur Rank financed movies such as Oliver Twist, The Red Shoes, Brief Encounter, Caesar and Cleopatra and Black Narcissus. Never before, and never since, has the industry risen to such heights. J. Arthur ...

Cinema and the Great War

Cinema and the Great War

1st Edition

By Andrew Kelly
November 15, 2011

Cinema and the Great War concentrates on one part of the art of the war: the cinema. Used as tool for propaganda during the war itself, by the mid 1920s cinema had begun to reflect the rejection of conflict prevalent in all the arts. Andrew Kelly explores the development of anti-war cinema in, ...

Hollywood in Crisis Cinema and American Society 1929-1939

Hollywood in Crisis: Cinema and American Society 1929-1939

1st Edition

By Colin Schindler
July 19, 1996

Hollywood in Crisis is a detailed study of the workings of the American film industry during the 1930s. Colin Schindler, looking at Hollywood as an agent of Roosevelt's New Deal and the attempts made by film moguls and movie makers to withstand the political turmoil that threatened to engulf ...

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