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Cinema and Youth Cultures

About the Series

Cinema and Youth Cultures engages with well-known youth films from American cinema as well the cinemas of other countries. Using a variety of methodological and critical approaches the series volumes provide informed accounts of how young people have been represented in film, while also exploring the ways in which young people engage with films made for and about them. In doing this, the Cinema and Youth Cultures series contributes to important and long standing debates about youth cultures, how these are mobilized and articulated in influential film texts and the impact that these texts have had on popular culture at large.

Series Editors: Siân Lincoln (independent scholar) and Yannis Tzioumakis (University of Liverpool)

Published volumes:

Clueless: American Youth in the 1990s (2017)

Grease: Gender, Nostaligia and Youth Consumption in the Blockbuster Era (2017)

Boyhood: A Young Life on Screen (2017)

Easy A: The End of the High-School Teen Comedy? (2018)

The Hunger Games: Spectacle, Risk and the Girl Action Hero (2018)

L’auberge Espagnole: European Youth on Film (2018)

The Virgin Suicides: Reverie, Sorrow and Young Love (2018)

The Freshman: Comedy and Masculinity in 1920s Film and Youth Culture (2019)

The Breakfast Club: John Hughes, Hollywood, and the Golden Age of Teen Film (2019)

Y Tu Mama También: Mythologies of Youth (2019)

Halloween: Youth Cinema and the Horrors of Growing Up (2019)

American Pie: The Anatomy fo Vulgar Teen Comedy (2019)

Bande de Filles: Girlhood Identities in Contemporary France (2020)

Gidget: Origins of a Teen Girl Transmedia Franchise (2020)

The Beatles and Film: From Youth Culture to Counterculture (2020) 

Clerks: ‘Over the Counter’ Culture and Youth Cinema (2020)


American Graffiti

Rock Around the Clock


Mary Poppins

Big Wednesday


The Commitments

King Creole


The Outsiders

The Motorcycle Diaries

Before Sunrise

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Rock around the Clock Exploitation, Rock 'n' roll and the Origins of Youth Culture

Rock around the Clock: Exploitation, Rock 'n' roll and the Origins of Youth Culture

1st Edition

By Yannis Tzioumakis, Siân Lincoln
October 18, 2023

Examining one of the earliest films made specifically for young audiences in US cinema, Rock around the Clock (1956), this book explores the exploitation production company that made the film and the ways it represented young people, especially in terms of their association with rock ’n’ roll music...

Moonlight Screening Black Queer Youth

Moonlight: Screening Black Queer Youth

1st Edition

By Maria Flood
September 25, 2023

This book helps readers understand Moonlight’s profound political and social importance, the innovative technical choices adopted by director Barry Jenkins and the film’s adoption and disruption of traditional coming-of-age themes through the specific prism of Chiron’s childhood and youth. ...

Precious Identity, Adaptation and the African-American Youth Film

Precious: Identity, Adaptation and the African-American Youth Film

1st Edition

By Katherine Whitehurst
September 25, 2023

Examining how the discourses of youth, race, poverty and identity take shape when Push is adapted to the big screen, this book brings together valuable research to delve into representations of African-American girlhood. The book draws attention to how Black girlhood takes shape in the film ...

The Commitments Youth, Music, and Authenticity in 1990s Ireland

The Commitments: Youth, Music, and Authenticity in 1990s Ireland

1st Edition

By Nessa Johnston
September 25, 2023

This book examines The Commitments (Parker, 1991) for the first time as a film, rather than an adaptation of Roddy Doyle’s bestselling novel, and as a significant cultural event in 1990s Ireland. A major hit in Ireland and around the world, the film depicts the short-lived attempts of an ensemble ...

The Social Network Youth Film 2.0

The Social Network: Youth Film 2.0

1st Edition

By Neil Archer
September 25, 2023

This in-depth study of one of the twenty-first century’s most acclaimed films, The Social Network: Youth Film 2.0 considers the contribution of David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin’s film to the understanding of ‘youth’ in a contemporary, digital age. The book starts by situating The Social Network...

Before Sunrise Young Love on the Move

Before Sunrise: Young Love on the Move

1st Edition

By María del Mar Azcona, Celestino Deleyto
June 12, 2023

This book offers a fresh analysis of Before Sunrise that reframes its romance within the contexts of transnational culture and cinema. The book highlights the symbolic value of the film’s construction of transnational youth in the building of a trans-European culture. Engaging with the film’s ...

Clerks ‘Over the Counter’ Culture and Youth Cinema

Clerks: ‘Over the Counter’ Culture and Youth Cinema

1st Edition

By Peter Templeton
May 31, 2023

This study of Kevin Smith’s debut film breaks new ground by exploring how Clerks sits at the intersection of political and cultural trends relevant to alternative youth cultures in the early 1990s. Clerks (1994) was born of and appeals to a specific youth subculture, with the multimedia ‘View ...

The Beatles and Film From Youth Culture to Counterculture

The Beatles and Film: From Youth Culture to Counterculture

1st Edition

By Stephen Glynn
May 31, 2023

This concise yet comprehensive study explores the emblematic journey by four young men from Liverpool from the epicentre of teen-led youth culture to the experimentation of the counterculture and beyond. Beginning with the celebration of Britain’s own ‘youthquake’ in the joyous and genre-shifting ...

American Graffiti George Lucas, the New Hollywood and the Baby Boom Generation

American Graffiti: George Lucas, the New Hollywood and the Baby Boom Generation

1st Edition

By Peter Krämer
March 03, 2023

Combining a detailed film analysis with archival research and social science approaches, this book examines how American Graffiti (1973), a low-budget and star-less teen comedy by a filmmaker whose only previous feature had been a box office flop, became one of the highest grossing and most highly ...

The Outsiders Adolescent Tenderness and Staying Gold

The Outsiders: Adolescent Tenderness and Staying Gold

1st Edition

By Ann M. Ciasullo
February 17, 2023

This volume traces the unique trajectory of The Outsiders, from beloved book to beloved movie. Based on S.E. Hinton’s landmark novel, Coppola’s film adaptation tells the story of the Greasers, a gang of working-class boys yearning for security, love, and acceptance in a world ruled by their rival ...

Mary Poppins Radical Elevation in the 1960s

Mary Poppins: Radical Elevation in the 1960s

1st Edition

By Leslie H. Abramson
January 13, 2023

This volume examines Mary Poppins as a 1960s film reflecting and invested in its radically changing times, a largely but not unmitigatedly antiestablishment musical resonant with conditions and issues powerfully affecting baby boomers. Among the explosion of baby boomer films that rocked the 1960s,...

Mustang Translating Willful Youth

Mustang: Translating Willful Youth

1st Edition

By Elif Akçalı, Cüneyt Çakırlar, Özlem Güçlü
December 05, 2022

This book provides a critically informed account of the Turkey-born France-based director Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s debut film Mustang (2015), which tells the story of five orphaned sisters living with their grandmother and uncle in a remote Turkish village. The film’s familiar art-house style, and its...

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