1st Edition

Using Film and Other Visual Media in Graduate and Medical Education

ISBN 9781846195075
Published July 30, 2012 by CRC Press
696 Pages

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Book Description

Companion volume to Cinemeducation Volume 1 Cinemeducation, Volume 2 outlines a comprehensive approach to using film in graduate and medical education. It provides readers with a wide array of film excerpts ready for immediate application in the classroom. Each excerpt includes the counter time, year of release, names of actors, a short description of the movie and the scene being highlighted as well as discussion questions. Entire chapters are dedicated to reality television, mainstream television, music videos, documentaries and YouTube. Clearly structured, this second volume dives deep into human experiences. Authors from five continents have composed 49 chapters devoted to a wide assortment of new topics relevant to medical and postgraduate healthcare education. Some of the specific issues covered include substance abuse, gambling, dealing with tragedy, diabetes, heart disease, chronic illness and obstetrics as well as mental health problems. Some films portray health care professionals both positively and negatively and these are presented with rich detail. A wide variety of specialties and different health careers are covered. All of these areas converge on the common ground of compassion in the medical experience. This book is ideal for the undergraduate or postgraduate classroom. All healthcare educators will appreciate its comprehensive scope and innovative approach, including those in psychology, social services, dentistry and veterinary science.

Table of Contents

Forewords. Overview . Let's look at the data: review of the literature. Teaching us what it means to be human: why movies move us. Diving deep: Jung's layers of the psyche. Family functioning and health . Two to tango: couples in the cinema. The kids are not all right: adolescents facing challenges and disappointments. Blood is thicker than water: families, celebrations and holidays. Aging progressions: from independence to frailty. Specific disease states . Chemicals and processes: abuse and addiction. Betting on your life: pathological gambling. Tragedy and transcendence: cancer. Your sugar is high, m'am: diabetes. The heart of the matter: cardiac disease. The emergence of a chronic illness: HIV. The stakes are very high: high risk OB. Mental health issues . From burnout, harassment and job loss to despair, engagement and recovery: workplace issues. Saying goodbye: loss and bereavement. Hard lives: trauma from abuse and violence. Blood lust: suicide and cutting. Personality typing anyone? Myers-briggs personality indicator. More personality typing: the enneagram. Movie portrayals of health care professionals . This won't hurt a bit: novocaine and other sorrows. Beyond nurse ratchet: nursing. Let's analyze everything: individual, couple and group therapy. Call me in some hydrocodone, please: pharmacy. Vets and pets: domesticated animals and the veterinarians who care for them. Specialties . Sweat, tears and the finish line: sports medicine and sports psychology. Better safe than sorry: medical malpractice. Make me like new: rehabilitation medicine. Bringing the war home: military medicine/psychology. Going under the knife: surgical interventions. Trauma and toil: emergency room medicine. Brain matters: traumatic brain injury. More than sex education: sexuality and health. Gender agenda: women in medicine. More than a prayer: pastoral care and psychotherapy. Mind your peas: dietary and nutrition. 9 to 5 (and then some): occupational medicine. Compassion and medicine . Easing the pain: palliative care. On the outside looking in: marginalized populations and health disparities. The humanitarian physician: international medical missions. When nature becomes the enemy: disaster medicine. Crocks and docs: disruptive patient/disruptive provider. Right, wrong and in-between: medical ethics. I feel your pain: empathy in medicine. Alternative formats . Too reel for comfort: reality TV. The small screen: television, medicine and teaching. Is fact better than fiction?: documentaries. Me, you and YouTube: cutting edge teaching. Save the last chapter for melody and verse: music videos. Appendices. List of movies. Editors' top ten movie picks. References.

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