1st Edition

Circles of the Russian Revolution Internal and International Consequences of the Year 1917 in Russia

Edited By Łukasz Adamski, Bartłomiej Gajos Copyright 2019
    294 Pages
    by Routledge

    294 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume provides the English-speaking reader with little-known perspectives of Central and Eastern European historians on the topic of the Russian Revolution. Whereas research into the Soviet Union’s history has flourished at Western universities, the contribution of Central and Eastern European historians, during the Cold War working in conditions of imposed censorship, to this field of academic research has often been seriously circumscribed. Bringing together perspectives from across Central and Eastern Europe alongside contributions from established scholars from the West, this significant volume casts the year 1917 in a new critical light.

    List of Contributors

    1. Introduction

    2. by Łukasz Adamski, Bartłomiej Gajos

    3. "A ravaged century": Did the Russian revolution define the 1900s?

    4. by Marek Kornat

    5. Violence in the Russian Revolution and Civil War, 1914-2: A Survey of Recent Historiography

    6. by Steve S. Smith

    7. From utopia to a lawless state: Russian Marxism and Russian revolutions as a totalitarian project

    8. by Adam Bosiacki

    9. Loci of political power: The 1917 Russian Revolution from regional perspectives

    10. by Sarah Badcock

    11. The Karaim: Political and social activities during the Russian revolution and civil war

    12. by Petr Kaleta

    13. The 1917 Russian Revolution and Belarusian National Movement

    14. by Alaksandar Smaliańczuk

    15. Great Britain and the 1917 revolution in Ukraine

    16. by Jan Jacek Bruski

    17. "Finexit" – The Russian Revolution and Finnish Independence

    18. by Kari Alenius

    19. Rebellion: Social conflict in Central and Eastern Europe in 1917–1920

    20. by Włodzimierz Borodziej, Maciej Górny

    21. Poland and the influence of the Revolution on the French and Western Political and Military Circles (1917-1921)

    22. by Frederic Dessberg

    23. The Consequences of the Russian Revolution on the Polish Question from the Western Point of View

    24. by Isabelle Davion

    25. Austria-Hungary and the Russian Revolution

    26. by Lothar Höbelt

    27. Great Britain and the Russian Revolution of 1917

    28. by Jewgienij Siergiejew

    29. Idle memory? The 1917 Anniversary in Russia

    30. by Boris Kołonicki, Maria Mackiewicz

    31. A quiet jubilee: Practices of the Political Commemoration of the Centenary of the 1917 Revolution(s) in Russia

    32. by Olga Malinowa

    33. (R)evolutionary memory in Tambov (1991–2017)

    by Bartłomiej Gajos



    Łukasz Adamski is a historian (PhD) and foreign policy expert, and also an author/editor of academic works devoted to Polish political thought, the history of Polish-Ukrainian and Polish-Russian relations. He is currently deputy director of the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding since 2016 (a public institution, established by an act of the Polish parliament).

    Bartłomiej Gajos is a historian, research fellow at the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding and at the Institute of History (Polish Academy of Sciences). He specializes in the history of the Russian revolution and politics of memory.