1st Edition

Circuit Interruption Theory and Techniques

By Browne Copyright 1984

    Here-in one current, comprehensive source-is a wealth of both theoretical and practicalinformation on circuit interruption. Twenty-two authorities at the leading edge of researchand development provide a solid grasp of circuit breaker design and performance... and that's knowledge you can put to work immediately!arcuit Interruption surpasses other books in completeness and currency-includingcoverage of the sulfur hexafluoride puffer, the vacuum breaker, and the low-voltagemolded-case breakers, that are taking the place of many older types. In addition to thelatest theories and techniques, this major volume examines promising future trends.More than 400 clear illustrations help make the text easy to follow, and over 620 keyreferences point the way to the best places for continuing study.Today, the field of circuit interruption is so diverse that a thorough single source reallystands out. arcuit Interruption is that- source, the perfect reference for electrical, electronic,power, and design engineers; and researchers investigating circuit breaker design,interaction of breakers and power circuits, power transmission, power distribution,circuit interruption, electric contacts, and gaseous conduction. Moreover, this exceptionalbook serves as an excellent source for practicing power engineers as well as an invaluablesupplement to graduate-level engineering courses in circuit interruption, transmission,and distribution of power . . . and a supplement in professional seminars and society/association courses.

    Introduction, Electrical and Systems Aspects, Circuit Breaker Application, Nature of the Electric Arc, Physical Theory of the Arc in a Gas Blast, Calculation of Arc-Circuit Interaction, PostArc Dielectric Recovery in a Blast Arc, Dielectric Properties of Circuit Breakers,SF6 Breaker Research and Development, Single Pressure SF6 Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Air Circuit Breakers, Interupption in Vacuum, Vacuum Circuit Breaker Application and Switching Surge Proetction, Moled-Case Low- Voltage Circuit Breakers, Electric Contact Phenomena, The Mechanical Operation of Power Circuit Breakers Rated over 15kV, Interupption Testing, Appendices.


    Thomas E. Browne Jnr.