1st Edition

Circuits and Applications Using Silicon Heterostructure Devices

ISBN 9781420066944
Published December 13, 2007 by CRC Press
360 Pages 240 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

No matter how you slice it, semiconductor devices power the communications revolution. Skeptical? Imagine for a moment that you could flip a switch and instantly remove all the integrated circuits from planet Earth. A moment’s reflection would convince you that there is not a single field of human endeavor that would not come to a grinding halt, be it commerce, agriculture, education, medicine, or entertainment. Life, as we have come to expect it, would simply cease to exist.

Drawn from the comprehensive and well-reviewed Silicon Heterostructure Handbook, this volume covers SiGe circuit applications in the real world. Edited by John D. Cressler, with contributions from leading experts in the field, this book presents a broad overview of the merits of SiGe for emerging communications systems. Coverage spans new techniques for improved LNA design, RF to millimeter-wave IC design, SiGe MMICs, SiGe Millimeter-Wave ICs, and wireless building blocks using SiGe HBTs. The book provides a glimpse into the future, as envisioned by industry leaders.

Table of Contents

The Big Picture; J.D. Cressler
A Brief History of the Field; J.D. Cressler
Circuits and Applications
Overview: Circuits and Applications; J.D. Cressler
SiGe as an Enabler for Wireless Communications Systems; L.E. Larson and D.Y.C. Lie
LNA Optimization Strategies; Q. Liang
Linearization Techniques; L.C.N. de Vreede and M.P. van der Heijden
SiGe MMICs; H. Schumacher
SiGe Millimeter-Wave ICs; J-F. Luy
Wireless Building Blocks Using SiGe HBTs; J.R. Long
Direct Conversion Architectures for SiGe Radios; S. Chakraborty and J. Laskar
RF MEMS Techniques in Si/SiGe; J. Papapolymerou
Wideband Antennas on Silicon; M.M. Tentzeris and R.L. Li
Packaging Issues for SiGe Circuits; K. Lim, S. Pinel, and J. Laskar
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: IBM; D.J. Friedman and M. Meghelli
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: Hitachi; K. Washio
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: ST; D. Belot
Properties of Silicon and Germanium; J.D. Cressler
The Generalized Moll-Ross Relations; J.D. Cressler
Integral Charge-Control Relations; M. Schröter
Sample SiGe HBT Compact Model Parameters; R.M. Malladi

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