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Cities' Identity Through Architecture and Arts
Proceedings of the International Conference on Cities' Identity through Architecture and Arts (CITAA 2017), May 11-13, 2017, Cairo, Egypt

ISBN 9781138054097
Published May 14, 2018 by Routledge
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Every city has its unique and valuable identity, this identity is revealed through its physical and visual form, it is seen through the eyes of its residents and users. The city develops over time, and its identity evolves with it. Reflecting the rapid and constant changes the city is subjected to, Architecture and Arts, is the embodiment of the cultural, historical, and economical characteristics of the city. This conference was dedicated to the investigation of the different new approaches developed in Architecture and Contemporary arts. It has focused on the basis of urban life and identities.

This volume provides discussions on the examples and tendencies in dealing with urban identities as well as the transformation of cities and urban cultures mentioned in terms of their form, identity, and their current art. Contemporary art, when subjected to experiments, continues to be produced in various directions, to be consumed and to put forward new ideas. Art continuously renews itself, from new materials to different means of communication, from interactive works to computer games, from new approaches to perceptional paradigms and problems of city and nature of the millennium.

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Table of Contents

Architectural identity and globalization


A great Chinese ‘rural’ metropolis—the unity and contradictions in Beijing’s urban identity
X. Li

Architectural ornaments in the twenty-first century: An analytical study
G.M. Elrayies

Conservation strategies to revive the imageability of the Kumbakonam historic town
K. Thirumaran & K. Kiruthiga

Envisioning the unseen: Interdisciplinary approach between painting and architecture
E. Abdou, D. Abouelmagd & R. Elhelw

Heritage management: Investigating current practices in sustainable retrofitting of built heritage, methodologies, tools and approaches
H.O. ElShabrawy & L. Khodeir

New urbanism and its reflection on residential interior design in Egypt
H.S. Nazmy & S.-K. Kim

Place identity/place making in the built environment—towards a methodological perspective
E. El Nachar & A. Abdel-Hadi

Sustainable urban heritage conservation strategies—case study of historic Jeddah districts
S. Badawy & A.M. Shehata

The correlation between art and architecture to promote social interaction in public space
M.Mk. Dawoud & E.M. Elgizawy

The miniatures of Lahore Darbar
A.K. Bhatti

The potential of the eco-passive construction technique for the Western Desert in Egypt
M.A. Mahdy, M.M. Mousa & A.R. Abdin

Towards public identity and climate awareness architecture
A. Kaihoul & L. Sriti

Vernacular culture and its contribution to the identity of Auresian houses in Algeria
M.C. Ammari & N. Zemmouri

The historical symbolizing of Istanbul city through its iconic buildings
H. Coskun

Interior design

Anticipating possible future visions in interior architecture
A. Abdel-Hadi & A. Harb

Contemporary Egyptian theatre and heritage
O.A. Yehia

Design ideology through architectural identity: A hybrid dynamic potential
M.M. Youssef

The mutual influence of the Mamluk interior architecture and urban planning in Damascus
K. Abdallah

Usage of Arundo Donax L. as a sustainable material in interior design and architecture
S. Noaman


City as a scene


Authenticity of the physical environment that influences a sense of place: A qualitative study at Ampel Street Corridor, Surabaya, Indonesia
D.K. Wardhani & A. Kusumowidagdo

Back into the future: The city improvement board of Hyderabad
A.S. Naik

Drama as a conservation tool for architectural heritage
S. Sabahy

Human response and the complex city scene
T. Dutta & V.S. Adane

Interactions between urban dynamics and new spatial patterns: The case of Istanbul
H. Turgut & O. Ozten

Investigating a sense of place at a historic commercial street corridor: Visitor perception of social aspects
A. Kusumowidagdo & D.K. Wardhani

Jammu—the city of temples
C.M. Seth

Nature and physical configuration: A study of topographical influences on the physical configuration of mountain settlements in the Iraqi Kurdistan region
H.Q. Rasul & A.I. Ahmed

The effect of social and environmental factors on the urban form of a place: A fishing village in Hurghada, Egypt
E.F.M. Bassily

The nature of cities
D. Chizzoniti

The Potential of Pavements in the Identity Conflict of a City
D.A.M. Osman

Towards sustainable slum development: A performance evaluation approach for slum upgrading plans in Egypt
S.A. Magdi

Urban identity and lifestyles of gated communities in Egypt
M.M. Abdelaziz Farid & A.M.S. Ahmed


From national disgrace to cultural heritage and international film set. The case of Matera (Italy)
I. Macaione, A. Ippolito, A. Enrico & R. La Gioia

Strategies of creative thinking for solving design problems in the field of graphic design
M.M.K. Mohammed Elboksomaty

History and arts

A process of urban regeneration from below. The case of Taranto (Italy)
I. Macaione, A. Ippolito, A. Enrico & R. La Gioia


City as an organism


Developing sustainable urban growth in Egypt towards the location of renewable energy resources
W.A. Aboneama

Enhancing the housing industry in Egypt through the application of new design and construction techniques aimed towards sustainability and actual market demand
W.A. Aboneama

Reclaiming the city: Guerrilla Gardening in Nairobi
S.R. Hussain

Recording the intangible heritage of the city in the Metropolitan Area of Porto
R. Barbosa & F. Paulino

The urban regeneration of the peripheral areas. The case study of Tor Vergata (Rome, Italy)
L. De Bonis, G. Di Benedetto, M.L. Germana, F. Trapani, M. Petrangeli & C. Tonelli

New ornaments’ influence on the character of modern cities
A. Elgohary

History and arts

Arabian urban text art: Between cultural identity and artistic identity
S. Alharazy

The remaining houses of the two pearl merchants Ahmed Munawar Rifai and Hussein Bin Yahiya Rifai in the Farasan Islands in the 14th century AH/20th century AD: A study of aesthetic and artistic values
E.A. Aref


Planning and approaching the city


Architecture of the 21st century museum as a catalytic phenomenon in the evolving cultural identity of a city
N. Ugljen-Ademović & S. Ibrišimbegović

Conserving historical areas through the roles of main cities: Urban identity in the era of globalisation
A. Elewa

Entrance gateway of Kerala temples: Assessing the form of a Kerala temple gopuram through material and construction
M. Yamuna Vijayan

Expression of cultural identity in the contemporary urban built form of Kathmandu
B. Shrestha

Reimagining city identity through safe and sustainable public environments
D. Deniz

Smart grids, smart cities, interior spaces and human behaviour: An interactive development process
A.M. Elhalwagy

History and arts

Identity in transformation of rural Egyptian villages
F. Giangrande & L. De Bonis

Metaphysics and identity in architecture: Peter Eisenman’s Wexner Center for the Arts as case study
H. Bahgat El Refeie

Immersing the landscape in its music: The case of iso-polyphony in South Albania
M. Porsia & L. De Bonis

The changing image of Istanbul through its monuments (1923–1973)
E. Güngören

The cumulative effect of an interdisciplinary project
A. Christophinis

Unearthing the spatial archetypes of two indigenous South Asian cities: The walled city of Old Delhi and Old Dhaka
S. Itmam Soud & Md. Obidul Haque

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Anna Catalani is Reader at the College of Arts, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK

Zeinab Nour is Associate Professor in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Egypt

Antonella Versaci is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, University “Kore” of Enna, Italy

Dean Hawkes is Architect and an Award-Winning Academic, Cambridge, UK

Hocine Bougdah is Professor of Architectural Technology, Canterbury School of Architecture, University for the Creative Arts, UK

Professor Adolf Sotoca is Chair Professor in Architecture at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Professor Mahmoud Ghoneem is Associate Professor in Architecture Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Egypt

Ferdinando Trapani is Professor of Urban Planning, Architecture, Palermo University, Italy.

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