1st Edition

Cities for Children Children's Rights, Poverty and Urban Management

    Urban authorities and organizations are responsible for providing the basic services that affect the lives of urban children. Cities for Children is intended to help them understand and respond to the rights and requirements of children and adolescents. It looks at the responsibilities that authorities face, and discusses practical measures for meeting their obligations in the context of limited resources and multiple demands. While the book emphasizes the challenges faced by local government, it also contains information that would be useful to any groups working to make urban areas better places for children. Cities for Children begins by introducing the concept, history and content of children's rights and the obligations they create for local authorities. The volume then goes on to look at a variety of contentious issues such as housing, community participation, working children, community health, education and juvenile justice. The final section of the book discusses the challenge of establishing systems of governance that can promote the economic security, social justice and environmental care essential for the realization of children's rights. It follows through the practical implications for the structure, policies and practices of local authorities. Written by the top experts in the field of children's issues, and including a resource section which lists publications and organizations that can provide further information and support, this volume is a must for all involved in planning for, and the protection of, children within the urban environment.

    Part One, Understanding Children's Rights and Development: The Convention on the Rights of the Child * Children's Development * Stable Families * Part Two, Working for Urban Children's Rights: Prenatal and Birth Environments * Housing for Children * Community Health * Neighbourhoods for Children * Child Care * Schools * Working Children * Street-based Children * Juvenile Justice * Part Three, Governance for Children's Rights: The Context of Local Government * Practical Implications for Local Government * Resources * Bibliography * Index


    Sheridan Bartlett is a research associate at the Children's Environments Research group at City University in New York and currently based at the International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED), London. Roger Hart is Director of the Children's Environments Research Group. David Satterwaite is Director of the Human Settlements Programme at IIED. Ximena De La Barra is UNICEF Representative in El Salvador. Alfredo Missair is UNICEF Cuba Assistant Representative.