1st Edition

Cities in the World: 1500-2000: v. 3 1500-2000

By Adrian Green Copyright 2006

    This book presents the proceedings from the Society's 'Cities in the World, 1500–2000' conference, held at Southampton University. It contains papers, representing archaeology, history, and architecture of cities from Africa to Europe via North America, Australia and India.

    1. Introduction Urban Historical Archaeology: Challenging Ambivalence Urban Places in Africa 2. Port Cities and Their Merchants on the East African Coast 3. The Demise of Great Zimbabwe, ad 1420–1550: An Environmental Re-Appraisal 4. The Changing Views on the Role of Small Towns in Rural and Regional Development in Africa Urban Places in the Atlantic World 5. English Towns on the Periphery: 17th-Century Development in Ulster and the Chesapeake 6. Transformation and Upheaval in the West Indies: The Case of Oranjestad, St Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles Urban Space and Society in Britain 7. From Bath to Poundbury: The Rise, Fall and Rise of Polite Urban Space 1700–2000 8. Housing the Early-Modern Industrial City: London's Workshop Tenements 9. The World of the Workshop: Archaeologies of Urban Industrialisation 10. Manchester: Symbol or Model for the World? War, Memory and Death in the Urban Landscape 11. Armies, Militias and Urban Landscapes: England, France and the Low Countries 1500–1900 12. Landscapes of Memory: Lucknow and Kanpur in Colonial India 13. Death, Burial and Commemoration: An Archaeological Perspective on Urban Cemeteries Archaeology and Urban Lives 14. Tales from the City: Brownfield Archaeology — A Worthwhile Challenge? 15. Stories that Matter: Material Lives in 19th-Century Lowell and Boston, Massachusetts 16. Making City Lives: Urban Archaeology and Australian Social, Cultural and Urban History 17. From the Mythical to the Mundane: The Archaeological Angle on New York City's Five Points 18. Portsmouth — A Window on the World? Future Directions 19. Overburden: The Importance of the Archaeology of the Modern Period in Britain 20. Summing Up — Cities in the World


    Adrian Green