1st Edition

Citizens, Strangers, And In-betweens Essays On Immigration And Citizenship

By Peter Schuck Copyright 1998
    494 Pages
    by Routledge

    495 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Immigration is one of the critical issues of our time. In Citizens, Strangers, and In-Betweens, an integrated series of fourteen essays, Yale professor Peter Schuck analyzes the complex social forces that have been unleashed by unprecedented legal and illegal migration to the United States, forces that are reshaping American society in countless ways. Schuck first presents the demographic, political, economic, legal, and cultural contexts in which these transformations are occurring. He then shows how the courts, Congress, and the states are responding to the tensions created by recent immigration. Next, he explores the nature of American citizenship, challenging traditional ways of defining the national community and analyzing the controversial topics of citizenship for illegal alien children, the devaluation and revaluation of American citizenship, and plural citizenship. In a concluding section, Schuck focuses on four vital and explosive policy issues: immigration's effects on the civil rights movement, the cultural differences among various American ethnic groups as revealed in their experiences as immigrants throughout the world, the protection of refugees fleeing persecution, and immigration's effects on American society in recent years.

    * Preface * Acknowledgments Part 1: Contexts * 1. The Immigration System Today * Demographics * Public Attitudes * The Evolution of the Immigration Control System * The Current Legal Admissions System * The 1996 Legislation: Strengthening Enforcement * The 1997 Amnesty Part 2: The Courts and Immigration * 2. The Transformation of Immigration Law * The Classical Conception of Immigration Law * Pressures for Change * The Communitarian Conception of Immigration Law * The Future of Immigration Law * Conclusion * 3. Continuity and Change in the Courts: 1979-1990 * Summary of Major Findings * Conclusion Part 3: The Politics of Immigration * 4. The Politics of Rapid Legal Change: Immigration Policy in the 1980s * Introduction * Periodizing Immigration Reform: The 1980s * External Events * Political Entrepreneurship * The Changing Balance of Interests * Ideas * Conclusion * 5. Reform Continues: 1990-1998 * 6. The Message of Proposition 187: Facing Up to Illegal Immigration * Brennan's Legacy * Why the Court May Turn * What Voters Were Saying * Do Outsiders Have Claims on America? * Elusive Candor Part 4: Citizenship and Community * 7. The Devaluation of American Citizenship * The Equality Principle * The Due Process Principle * The Consent Principle * An Evaluation of Devaluation * 8. The Reevaluation of American Citizenship * Citizenship in the International Domain * Citizenship in the Domestic Domain * Citizenship in the Federal System * A Brief Note on "Post-National Citizenship," * Conclusion * 9. Consensual Citizenship * 10. Plural Citizenships * The Contemporary Debate and Context * Some Policy-Relevant Distinctions * An Assessment of Dual Citizenship * Possible Reforms Part 5: Current Policy Debates * 11. The New Immigration and the Old Civil Rights * Demographic Changes * Legal Changes * Socioeconomic Changes * Ideological Changes * Political Changes * Reappraising the Agenda * 12. Perpetual Motion: Migrations and Cultures * The Analytic Project * The Question of Culture * The Selectivity and Diversity of Migration * Discrimination and Immigrant Success * Immigrants in Politics and Markets * Immigrant Assimilation * The Future of Immigration Policy * 13. Refugee Burden-Sharing: A Modest Proposal * The Current Regime for Protecting Refugees * The Comprehensive Plan of Action * Four Remedial Strategies * The Proposal: Proportional Burden-Sharing * A Response to (Anticipated) Critics * Conclusion * 14. Alien Ruminations: What Immigrants Have Wrought in America * Demography * Carrying Capacity * Economic Impacts * Cultural Assimilation * Politics * Conclusion * Notes * Bibliography * Index


    Peter Schuck