1st Edition

Citizenship In Modern Britain

By Trevor Desmoyers-Davis Copyright 2003
    416 Pages
    by Routledge-Cavendish

    Citizenship in Modern Britain is a readable text that examines citizenship from a social science perspective. The subject matter has been divided into three sections,corresponding to each of the AQA AS Level modules. The text also provides all the necessary academic material required for examinable citizenship courses, supported and developed by a series of research, practical and discursive activities. These activities have been designed not only extend to students’ knowledge of the subject, but also to encourage thought, debate and evaluation.

    This book is essential for students taking AS level Citizenship. It also provides excellent support for students who are studying subjects that have close links to citizenship issues such as sociology, law, Government and politics and general studies.

    The State,Society and Citizens; Defining Citizenship; The Role of the State and Citizenship; Rights and Responsibilities; The Freedom of Information; The Citizen and the Legal System; A Citizen's Ability to Redress Grievances; The Citizen and the Police; The Role of the State in the Provision of Welfare; Attitudes Towards Citizens Receiving Welfare Benefits; Political Participation within a Democracy; Explaining Citizens' Voting and Non-Voting Behaviour; Putting Representatives into Representative Democracy; The Social Characteristics of a Good Representative; Parties, Ideologies and Citizens; Popular Political Involvement; The Creation of Differently Empowered Citizens; Role of the Media of a Citizen's Identity; Stereotyping, Labelling and Image; Inequality and Poverty on a Citizen's Life Chances; Be Active, Be Thoughtful, Be a Successful Student.


    Trevor Desmoyers-Davis