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Citizenship and Sustainability in Organizations

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Exploring how organizations and citizens respond to and influence current and future global transformations, this book series publishes excellent, innovative and critical scholarship in the fields of citizenship, social responsibility, sustainability, innovation, and place leadership in diverse organizational contexts. These contexts include commercial businesses, social enterprises, public service organizations, international organizations, faith-based organizations (FBOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community groups, hybrids and cross-sector partnerships. The role of the individual as citizen may also be explored in relation to one or more of these contexts, as could formal or informal networks, clusters and organizational ecosystems. David Murphy and Alison Marshall welcome editors and authors to contribute edited volumes, handbooks and monographs. Book proposals should propose core themes and emerging areas of research and thought leadership, and they can be submitted to the Series Editors:


Dr David F Murphy: [email protected] 

Professor Alison Marshall: [email protected]

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The Intelligent Nation How to Organise a Country

The Intelligent Nation How to Organise a Country

1st Edition


John Beckford
January 20, 2021

The Intelligent Nation proposes a systemic and radical transformation of the organisation, management, ownership and performance of the services of the state by capitalising on the potential offered by contemporary information capability and fulfilling the rights and obligations both to and of ...

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