1st Edition

Citrus Oils Composition, Advanced Analytical Techniques, Contaminants, and Biological Activity

Edited By Giovanni Dugo, Luigi Mondello Copyright 2011
    586 Pages 103 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    World production of citrus fruits is still growing. At present, about 30 percent of that yield is devoted to industrial production, mostly on those essential oils and juices used in foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Covering research reported in the literature over the past ten years, this book presents the most current research available on the analysis, composition, and biological activity of citrus products, as well as concerns with adulteration and contaminants. The research group currently coordinated by the editors at the University of Messina has been investigating citrus essential oils since the 80s and is known worldwide for its development of chromatographic investigation methods.

    Composition of the Volatile Fraction of Citrus Peel Oils, Giovanni Dugo, Antonella Cotroneo, Ivana Bonaccorsi, Alessandra Trozzi
    Volatile Components in Less Common Citrus Species, Estelle Delort, Regula Naef
    Composition of Distilled Oils, Luis Haro-Guzmán
    Concentrated Citrus Oils, Herta Ziegler
    Composition of Petitgrain Oils, Giovanni Dugo, Antonella Cotroneo, Ivana Bonaccorsi
    Extracts from the Bitter Orange Flowers (Citrus aurantium L.): Composition and Adulteration, Giovanni Dugo, Louis Peyron, Ivana Bonaccorsi
    The Chiral Compound of Citrus Oils, Luigi Mondello, Rosaria Costa, Danilo Sciarrone, Giovanni Dugo
    The Oxygen Heterocyclic Components of Citrus Essential Oils, Paola Dugo, Marina Russo
    Carotenoids of Citrus Oils, Paola Dugo, Daniele Giuffrida
    Minor Components in Extracts of Citrus Fruits, Regula Naef
    Advanced Analytical Techniques for the Analysis of Citrus Oils, Peter Quinto Tranchida, Paola Dugo, Luigi Mondello, Giovanni Dugo
    Contaminants in Citrus Essential Oils: State of the Art (2000–2009), Giacomo Dugo, Giuseppa Di Bella, Marcello Saitta
    Biological Activities of Citrus Essential Oils, Giuseppe Bisignano, Francesco Cimino, Antonella Saija


    Giovanni Dugo, Luigi Mondello