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    by Routledge

    by Routledge

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    This series of essays outlines a number of case studies from Europe, North America, Australia and Asia and provides first hand accounts of the experiences that planners, architects and politicians have had in reshaping cities. These insights provide a pragmatic assessment of the challenges and constraints posed by changing patterns of urban growth in a broad spectrum of urban environments. The reader will discover, through these multiple voices and views, the diverse forms of global cities, and will have a grasp of where the debate on urban design stands today, and where it may be going in the future.

    Foreword; Preface; Introduction; Part 1: PRIVATE DEVELOPMENT VERSES PUBLIC REALM; 1.1 Reinventing Melbourne; 1.2 Remaking Beirut; Melbourne-Sydney, Public Space Revisited; Part 2: CENTRE VS PERIPHERY; 2.1 Dublin's Urban Renaissance; 2.2 Sydney's Metropolitan Dilemma; 2.3 Jerusalem: Holy or Divided City?; Part 3: CITIES ON THE EDGE; 3.1 Deconstructing Belgrade; 3.2 Revisiting Dili; 3.3 Reframing Johannesburg; 3.4 Remaking Kabul; Part 4: THE ECO EDGE; 4.1 Melbourne on the Eco-edge?; 4.2 The Urban Ecology of New York City; 4.3 Australian Environmentalism?; 4.4 The MegaCITY project.


    Esther Charlesworth