Civil, Architecture and Environmental Engineering Volume 1 : Proceedings of the International Conference ICCAE, Taipei, Taiwan, November 4-6, 2016 book cover
1st Edition

Civil, Architecture and Environmental Engineering Volume 1
Proceedings of the International Conference ICCAE, Taipei, Taiwan, November 4-6, 2016

ISBN 9781138065833
Published May 15, 2017 by CRC Press
1056 Pages

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Book Description

This first volume of a two-volume work contains the papers presented at the 2016 International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Environmental Engineering (ICCAE 2016) that was held on 4-6 November 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan. The meeting was organized by China University of Technology and Taiwan Society of Construction Engineers and brought together professors, researchers, scholars and industrial pioneers from all over the world. ICCAE 2016 is an important forum for the presentation of new research developments, exchange of ideas and experience and covers the following subject areas: Structural Science & Architecture Engineering, Building Materials & Materials Science, Construction Equipment & Mechanical Science, Environmental Science & Environmental Engineering, Computer Simulation & Computer and Electrical Engineering. Volume 1 covers subject areas Structural Science and Architecture Engineering; Building Materials and Materials Science & Construction Equipment and Mechanical Science.

Table of Contents


Structural science and architecture engineering

Visual support vector machine-based method for reliability-based design optimization
Y. Xie & Y.Z. Wu

Study on the tunnel group traffic accident risk using a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model
B. Ma, R. Gao, Y. Gao, X.J. Wang & Z. Guo

Applications of new reinforcement methods in city tunnels for shield launching and arriving
H. Jun, J.B. Shi, W. Hong & W. Xiaobin

Research on the stress characteristics of concrete carrier pile based on finite element analysis
J.Y. Li, A.Q. Zhang & X.G. Han

Theoretical analysis of the deformation of shield tunnel segment under fire
X.B. Han, Y.X. Xia & L.L. Chai

Optimization of composition of the claddings of wooden structures
M. Halirova, H. Sevcikova, R. Fabian, E. Machovcakova & R. Janousek

Evaluation of the ultimate strength of RC I-shaped members subjected to a combined action
P. Wang, Z. Huang & Q.S. Wang

Three-dimensional centrifuge and numerical modeling of pile group due to twin tunnelling in different depth
S.K. Ma, Y. Shao, Y. Liu, J.Y. Chen & J. Jiang

Index selection and weight analysis of the underground development of urban municipal public facilities
L. Ye & L.M. Zhu

Risk assessment of pipelines in operation based on AHP and application of MATLAB
L. Chen, G.X. Wang & J. Zhao

Effect of ground co006Editions on design parameters for bridge foundations
M.T.A. Chaudhary

Research on multisource information fusion of tunnel geological prediction based on evidence theory
Z.H. Liu, Y.T. Wang, H. Ke, H. Wu & D. Zhou

Pushover analysis of modularized prefabricated column-tree steel frame
Z.P. Guo, A.L. Zhang & X.C. Liu

Study on reuse of heritages of an old industrial area in Harbin Gongyijie area against the backdrop of urban renewal
X.Z. Shan & W. Cheng

Research on lateral resistant behavior and design of multicover plates connection for prefabricated steel plate shear wall with beam-only-connected infill plate
X. Zhang, A.L. Zhang & X.C. Liu

Research on sensitivity and control criteria of cable length error in a double-strut cable dome
C. Sun & A.L. Zhang

Structural design of a prefabricated steel frame structure with inclined braces
X.C. Liu, H.X. Wang & Z.P. Guo

A study on the design of an ungated community
F. Jia, R.X. Wang & F.L. Ma

Protection and utilization of Gaichun Garden ruins of the Summer Palace
D. Zhao & L. Zhang

Development of a web-based hybrid BIM cost-estimating system for fire safety engineering
M.-H. Wen, W.-C. Huang & Y.-W. Wu

Test and parametric analysis of postfire seismic performance of SRC column–RC beam joints
G.H. Li, L. Xie & D.F. Zhao

Using agent-based simulation approach for estimating the efficiency of the building project design team
M.H. Tsai

Field assessment of window daylighting with prismatic glazing
Z. Tian, D. Xue & Y.P. Lei

Mechanical analysis of rockburst considering the "locked in" stress in the driving face of the roadway
X.-B. Yang, X.-X. Han, H. Wang & T.-B. Zhou

Study on the identification of major safety defects in port engineering
J.H. Peng

Investigating the impact of greenery on the driver’s psychology at a freeway tunnel portal
D.Q. Xiao, Z.W. Shen & X.C. Xu

Modeling two-dimensional rubble mound breakwater using dolos at armor layer and geotube at the core layer
O.C. Pattipawaej & H.J. Dani

Shear stress calculation of rubber asphalt overlay and stress-absorbing layer
J.Z. Tan, J.G. Wei, C. Pan & K.X. Huang

Experimental study on beam-column joints of new prefabricate assembly frame structures
W.Z. Zhu & J.C. Zhang

Seismic analysis of large span spatial steel frame with isolation system
W.Z. Zhu

Effect of material ingredients on the cement-based self-leveling material
J. Liu, J.J. Hu, R.Q. Liu & Y.Q. Yang

Rebuilding the city parks: How great is the effectiveness of environment-friendly constructions?
R.Y. Tallar, A.F. Setiawan & J.P. Suen

Renaissance with recycled materials: Reconstruction of Guifeng Temple
Y.S. Gao & J. Xu

Research on safety management of construction projects based on game theory
J.X. Zhao, M.M. Wang, J.H. Sun & K. Li

Prestress distribution calculation method of a ridge tube cable dome with annular struts
A.L. Zhang, Y. Bai, X.C. Liu & C. Sun

A new multiple-model analysis method considering structural uncertainty
F.Q. Zhu

Promotion of transportation on urban spatial distribution and industrial development in Beijing
X. Peng

Selection of interruptive protection methods in rapid transit underground construction
H.-C. Yang & C.-C. Liu

Damage mechanism and dynamic analysis of tunnel lining structures under internal blast loading
C.Y. Chen, Y.B. Jiang, J. Yang, L.F. Zheng & Z.P. Li

The seismic responses of near-fault frame structure cluster on basin induced by the rupture of reverse fault
W. Zhong

Wave propagation FEA and experimental validation of aluminum plate using piezoelectric elements
S. Yan, S. Zhang, Z.Q. Wang, P.T. Zhao & Y. Dai

Numerical simulation on seismic behavior of subway station structure under near-fault ground motions
B.Z. Tang, S. Chen, X.J. Li & H.Y. Zhuang

Finite—infinite element analysis of soil dynamic response under moving load
C.Q. Tian & L.Q. Yuan

Evaluation of the processing suitability of rural domestic sewage treatment, taking Fangshan in Beijing as a case study
Y. Wang

Influence analysis of the incremental launching of steel box girder and local stability control
F.-J. Xie

Study on active strategies for thermal environment regulation in the zero-energy houses of Solar Decathlon, China
F. Shi, W. Jin, W.W. Zheng & T. Zhuang

Research and enlightening of ecological infrastructure-oriented "multiple planning integration" based on Germany’s spatial order and structure planning—illustrated by the example of Dujiangyan
Y.J. Li, F. Fu & Y. Yi

Homogeneous generalized yield function and limit analysis of structures with rectangular sections
W. Ou, L.F. Yang & W. Zhang

Numerical simulation analysis of the influence of shield tunneling on an adjacent tunnel
M.D. He & J. Liu

Development and validation of the effective stress algorithm of the Davidenkov constitutive model using the Byrne pore pressure increment model
B. Ruan, G.X. Chen & D.F. Zhao

Urban ITS framework and essential parts of the ITS frame structure
M.-Q. Li, Z.-H. Wang, W. Wan & Z.-T. Jing

Development and implementation of a product module division system based on the function–principle–structure
J. Chen, L.M. Wang & L.L. Yang

Parameter optimization of space truss and aerospace load viscoelastic damping composite structure
Z.W. Zhang, P. Wang & H.T. Luo

A unified theory of thermodynamically consistent microplane elastoplastic damage, and elastoplastic damage models
W.S. Li & J.Y. Wu

Building materials and materials science

Preparation of sebacic acid by a phenol-free method
L. Xu, L.L. Mao, Y.M. Feng, J.C. Zhang, M. Wang, T.T. Zhao, X.J. Gao & R. Ren

Effects of electrospinning parameters on the pore structure of porous nanofibers
Z.Y. Sun & L. Xu

Preparation of orderly nanofibers using bubble-electrospinning
Z.B. Shao & L. Xu

Environmental radioactivity measure and dose estimation of 90Sr in some area
L. Ma, X. Ren & K. Zhang

Effect of humic acid on the adsorption of levofloxacin to goethite
X.P. Qin, H. Hou, L. Zhao, J. Ma, Z.J. Sun, W.J. Xue, F. Liu & G.C. Wang

Calcium and manganese affect ethanol fermentation by Pichia stipitis in cadmium-containing medium by inhibiting cadmium uptake
M.-T. Gao, X.X. Chen, W. Zheng, Q.Y. Xu & J.J. Hu

Performance comparison of Biological Aerated Filters packed with plolyurethane sponge and ceramic particles
G.L. Yu, X.J. Yan, H. Chen, C.Y. Du, Y.J. Fu & J.X. Zhang

Preparation and evaluation of the Ni-Al catalyst derived from LDHs synthesized on γ-Al2O3 support
X.K. Zhao, Y.Q. Li, Y. Xu, X.H. Du & J.J. Xu

Synthesis and hydrodesulfurization performance of NiMo sulfide catalysts supported on an Al-Si mixed oxide
Q. Yu, J.C. Zhang, J. Nan, H.B. Yu, X.F. Peng, H. Xiao, G.L. Song, S.Q. Zhang, S. Wang, Y.T. Zhang & G.H. Zhang

Study on solidification of Ningbo mucky soil
J.Y. Lu, R.Q. Xu, Q. Yan & X. Wang

A study on the utilization of iron and steel industrial solid waste
Y.B. Zhang, R. Zhu, Y. Wang, C.S. Yue & X.J. Piao

Experimental study of the drainage and consolidation characteristics of tailings discharge and accumulation by gradual height rising under the action of drainage material
J. Su, X.D. Ou & K.W. Hou

LQR control of across-wind responses of tall buildings using composite tuned mass dampers
Y.M. Kim, K.P. You, J.Y. You, S.Y. Paek & B.H. Nam

Time-dependent reliability analysis of steel fiber-reinforced concrete beams under sustained loads
Y. Li, K.H. Tan & S.-M. Yu

Research on the heat transfer characteristics of rock and soil under the effects of vertical double U-type buried-pipe heat exchanger
X.-D. Ou, X. Pan, H. Dai, Y.-C. Tang & Z.-Y. Liu

Nitrogen removal performance of ANAMMOX-PVA granules immobilized by different preparation methods
Y.M. Han

Seismic response of a long-span cable-stayed bridge with slip-shear metal damper
C.K. Jiao & X. Dong

Research on the interfacial bond behavior between CFRP sheet and steel plate under the static load
L. Zhang & S.-Y. Cao

Influence of thick and loose sediments on the vacuum load transfer
J.X. Weng

Enhancement on fireproof performance of construction coatings using calcium sulfate whiskers prepared from wastewater
T.-P. Tsai & H.-C. Yang

Simulation of nonlinear ultrasonic waves in anisotropic materials using convolution quadrature time-domain boundary element method
T. Saitoh, T. Maruyama & A. Furukawa

Study on the layout method of newly-added feeder bus lines coordinating with bus rapid transit
Z. Guo, P.H. Wei, X. Peng, C.Z. Chang, L. Tong & J.M. Velásquez

Design of a campus view of a virtual roaming system based on VR
L. Yu

Analysis on sustainable financial framework and fare adjustment strategy of China’s urban public transit
S. Xu, C. Li, X.L. Liu & Y.K. Du

Sanitation improvement and the bottleneck analysis of equity in China: From the perspective of specialists
X.L. Li & Y.Q. Miao

Ultimate capacity of uniaxially compressed perforated steel plates strengthened by using CFRPs
X. Tao & S.Y. Cao

Research on the measurement of the permeability coefficient of porous asphalt pavement
G.Q. Tang, L. Gao, T.J. Ji & J.G. Xie

Mechanical performances of icing atop cement concrete surfaces coated with emulsion wax curing agents
J.-L. Yao & M.-J. Qu

A study on residential area’s adaptability design for the aged in China based on open building theory
X. Meng & B.C. Fu

Safety management strategies for public infrastructure projects
C.W. Liao & T.L. Chiang

The influence of the horizontal load on the stress–strain relationship of an asphalt layer
Y.H. Wang, X.M. Tan, X.J. He, Y. Wang, C. Wang & T. Liu

A study on the protection type of flow-guided porthole dies with twin cavities for semi-hollow Al-profiles
R.R. Deng & P. Yun

A study on covering and protection type porthole dies for semi-hollow Al-profiles
R.R. Deng & P. Yun

A study on protection type porthole dies of semi-hollow Al-profiles with four cavities
R.R. Deng & P. Yun

Numerical and experimental study on stability of aluminium alloy riveted and stiffened panels under in-plane shear
D.W. Wang, Z.K. Lei, R.X. Bai & Y. Ma

Process optimization for the new nano-complex internal coating and its anti-corrosion and drag reduction properties in natural gas pipes
B.H. Hao, B. Sun, Z.H. Liu, Y.L. Han & L.F. Zhao

An improved gray wolf optimization algorithm and its application in iron removal from zinc sulfate solution using goethite
T.B. Wu, J.H. Liu, Y.L. Liu, Q.M. Zhao & X.J. Li

Determination of multi-element in abstergent by ICP-MS with microwave digestion
B.L. Wu, Z.X. Wang, J.M. Ye, Z.X. Lin, H. Wang & C. Luo

Fabrication and application of superhydrophobic-superoleophilic porous Cu sponge
Y.J. Xing, Z.J. Han, J.L. Song, J. Sun, J. Luo, Z.A. Liu, J.Y. Liu, L. Huang & X. Liu

Preparation of porous ceramics using CaCO3 as the foaming agent
J. Li & Y.L. Chen

Spacing optimization modeling and simulation of thermo-optic VOA gold thin film interconnect
S.T. Ding, L. Xu, F. Huang & M.L. Gong

Growth and characterization of thick Ge epilayers on Si and Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) substrates with low temperature Ge buffers
Z.W. Zhou

Effect of ZnSO4 and SnSO4 additions on the morphological of α-Al2O3 flakes for pearlescent pigment
H. Qin, L. Wang & Y. Xiong

A facile cost-effective method for preparing superhydrophobic carbon black coating on Al substrate
P. Wang, B. Sun, T. Yao, X. Fan, C. Wang, C. Niu, H. Han & Y. Shi

Preparation of multifunctional flake alumina ceramics
Q.R. Wang, C. Liu, K.X. Du & Y. Xiong

Study on the deformation of plastic films by virtual particle method
X.H. Yang, Z. Yang, Y.X. Wang, C.Y. Lv & X. Cheng

An experimental study of installing-holes distances parameter optimization for metallic inserts bonded into CFRP laminates
J. Liu, H. Zhang & K. Hou

Formation and test methods of the thermo-residual stresses for thermoplastic polymer matrix composites
C.C. Wang, G.Q. Yue, J.Z. Zhang, J.G. Liu & J. Li

Effects of lithium slag from lepidolite on Portland cement concrete
Q. Luo, Y.F. Wen, S.W. Huang, W.L. Peng, J.Y. Li & Y.X. Zhou

Sorption properties of TEMPO-oxidized natural cellulose to iron ions
C.Z. Geng, Y.H. Lou, D.Y. Yan, Z.H. Zhao, Z.X. Xue & Y.Z. Xia

Research on the precision of grinding experiments in an iron ore
G.M. Shi, L.P. Jiang, J.M. Zhao, R.Q. Zhao, Y.C. Zhou & S.C. He

Construction equipment and mechanical science

An experimental study on the dynamic characteristics of compact transmission lines bundles following ice shedding
K.P. Ji, B. Liu, X.P. Zhan, X.Z. Fei, C. Deng & L. Liu

A single-lens optimal imaging system based on a liquid crystal spatial light modulator and micro-scanning optical wedge
N. Xu, Z.-Y. Liu & D. Pu

A geometry-based path optimization approach for motion control of the NC grinding machine
F. Zhang, J. Gong, Y.J. Liu, W. Xia, M.F. Huang & Y.F. Fu

A study on carbon electrode-based photoelectrochemical-type self-powered high-performance UV detectors
Q. Meng, X. Fan, E.Q. Wu & L. Chu

A scheme study of CFB power generation by using pet coke
H.T. Liu, L. Xue & D.F. Xu

Design of the pilot-scale double effect evaporator for high-concentration sodium hydroxide production
L. Gao

Early fault diagnosis of wind turbine gearboxes based on the DSmT
Z.Q. Liu & G.C. Chen

A study of an improved method for horizontal alignment based on the line element
Y.H. Li, Y.J. Liu & Y.L. Li

Theoretical analysis of mechanical properties and mechanical design for fabricated zero initial cable force friction dissipation
Q.X. Ye & A.L. Zhang

An optimal allocation model of residual control rights in the hydraulic PPP project
Y.H. Zhang, J.C. Feng, S. Xue & K. Zhang

A study on the optimized hydraulic circulation system of the artificial lake
Q.N. Jin, A.J. You & H.B. Xu

Development of new elastic constant estimation method using laser ultrasonic visualization testing
T. Saitoh & A. Mori

Selection for the frequency control point of the VAV air supply system in large underground spaces
K.D. Xue, Z.H. Zhou, Y.F. Zhang & Y.M. Sun

The innovations of the ship lock design for the Tugutang Hydropower Station in the Xiangjiang river
H.Y. Liu & C.Y. Wang

Knowledge management in construction—the framework of high value density knowledge discovery with graph database
Y. Jing, Y.-C. Wang & Z. Wang

Research of cold region green hospital design specification and practice
Y.Z. Gao, H.Y. Mei & J.F. Dong

Development of intelligent residual current devices based on the PIC micro-controller
H. Chen, J. Xiang, R. Huang, L.M. Shen, F.S. Chen, K. Li, W.N. Wang, L.M. Bu, X. He & X.Y. Xu

Design of Control Moment Gyro equivalent sound source based on transfer function matrix inversion
W. Cheng, W.-Q. Sun, G.-Y. Wang, J.-P. Chen, X.-F. Li & J. Jia

A study of the magnetic field distribution with saddle-shaped coil of the electromagnetic flow meter
H. Jia, Y.M. Wang, W.T. Li & Y.Y. Zhang

A study on a localizable CMOS temperature sensor based on wireless transmission
L.Y. Chen, J.Q. Li & Y.X. Li

Finite element analysis of the roller coaster wheel bridge based on virtual prototype technology
Y.M. Wang, J. Ye, X.T. Xu & S. Song

Multi-axis coordination control based on siemens S7-CPU315T
C.H. Pan, Y.L. Li & M.W. Qin

Short-term photovoltaic power forecasting based on the human body amenity and least squares support vector machine with fruit fly optimization algorithm
H.B. Chen, W. Han & L. Chen

An RFID-enabled CEP model for cloud manufacturing shopfloor
K.Q. Chen, Y.Y. Qiu, M.L. Wang, Q.Y. Dai, R.Y. Zhong & C.M. Huang

Optimization of extraction of polysaccharides from mulberries by using high-intensity Pulsed Electric Fields
S.L. Jin

Stress analysis of the interference fit in helical gear transmission
T. Zhao

A review of transformerless DC–DC boost converters for renewable energy sources
J. Luo

The linear fatigue cumulative damage analysis of the welding seam
Y.Y. Wang

Application of wavelet analysis and resonance demodulation in mechanical fault diagnosis
C.H. Shen & W. Wang

A study on the modeling of the slider-crank mechanism based on parameter identification
X.J. Wang, X.H. Tang & J. Shen

Angle measurement by comparing the amplitude technique of the sum-difference pattern radiometer
H. Wang, J. Xiao & B. Bi

Tension control methodology of active continuous discharge and intermittent reciprocating work based on master-slave synchronous motion
L. Han, H. Hu, W.H. Ding & J.Y. Li

Design and kinematics analysis of a novel liquid-brewing steamer feeding robot
J.S. Zhang, B. Li, T.C. Zhang & X.H. Zhao

Design and simulation analysis of a new type of multi-gear pump
X.H. Zhang, P.Y. Liu, W.J. Wei, H.T. Li & G.P. Tian

A study on the torsional fatigue fracture location of steel wires
W.J. Wei, D.C. Wang, P. Cheng & C.X. Shao

The lightweight design of the support arm
Y.Q. Tian, D. Meng & X.Y. Lin

An analysis of the thermal elastohydrodynamic lubrication performance of the slope of the thrust bearing
Y.L. Liu, Y.H. Li, T.Y. Niu, J.F. Huang & Y.X. Wang

Simulation of submarine underwater motion with an external weapon module
Y.Q. Lian, C.L. Li & Y. Liu

A multi-objective NC drilling parameter optimization model to achieve low energy consumption and costs
W. Yan, H. Zhang & Z.G. Jiang

An experimental study of the dynamic equivalence leakage of rolling-piston compressors
K.H. Geng, W. Wei, X.B. Ma, X. Wang, X.G. Han, T.B. Zhao, C.L. Chen & H. Sun

The structure and transmission efficiency analysis research of a new pattern F2C-T pin–cycloid planetary transmission
L. Xuan, H. Jiang & T.M. Guan

A study on surface zinc plating and heat treatment of welding gears
R. Zeng, J.H. Luo, Z.R. Lin & L.L. Wang

Development and application of a test platform for a battery management system
J. Xiong, Z.H. Jin & Z.C. Li

Experimental study on yarn friction slip in the yarn pull-out test
W.K. Li, Z.K. Lei, F.Y. Qin, R.X. Ba & Q.C. Fang

Analysis and research into the effect of dithering technology on ADC’s SNR
K.K. Jin & X.L. Chen

Design and implementation of a CANopen master stack for servomotor controllers in a 6-DoF manipulator
J.H. Ji, Z.H. Tao, T. Zhang & M.Z. Qi

Design of a crane intelligent control system
C.C. Zhang, S.G. Liu & H.W. Xie

Valve clearance fault diagnosis of an internal combustion engine based on wavelet packets and k-nearest neighbors
R. Tan, Y. Zhang, T.X. Zheng, B. Yang & Y.J. Wang

RV reducer dynamic and static performance test system design
W.-B. Fu, C.-S. Ai, C.-L. Tang, Y.-S. Yang, G.-P. Li & H.-H. Zhao

Analysis of automotive suspension compliance based on the main effects of rubber bushing
B. Chen, J.-H. Fu & Z.-M. Chen

Experimental and simulation research on the friction and wear properties of surface textured friction pairs in CST
S.N. Sun, L.Y. Xie & R.S. Long

Simulation and analysis of MPPT used in photovoltaic grid-connected systems based on the improved disturb-and-observe method
J.F. Wang & H.R. Zhao

Automatic control loop optimization method of thermal power plant based on internal model control
S. Gao, X.K. Pang, J. Li, C.W. Li & H.D. Li

Multidisciplinary optimization and parameter analysis of the in-wheel permanent magnet synchronous motor of a tram
X.C. Wang & Z.G. Lu

Dynamic simulation and muzzle vibration analysis of vehicle-mounted automatic mortar
Y. Fang, J.-Q. Qin & C.-C. Di

Numerical simulation of aspheric glass lens during the non-isothermal molding process
H.J. Duan, Z.L. Xiao & J.Y. Tao

Temperature field analysis of a porous modified concrete composite pavement
Y.H. Wang, X.M. Tan, X.J. He, T. Liu, Y. Wang & C. Wang

A retrieval method based on a CBR finite element template
Q.Y. Ma, D.P. Xie, L.H. Song & M.J. Zhou

Improved reduction of graphene oxide through femtosecond laser pulse trains
R.Y. Yan, P. Zuo & X.J. Li

A nanoparticle-decorated silicon substrate for SERS via circularly polarized laser one-step irradiation
G. Meng, P. Ran & Y.D. Xu

An experimental study on rotation ultrasound-assisted drilling for high-strength engineering of mechanical connection components
S. Hong

Synthesis of PbO nanosheet-based thin films for all-solid-state supercapacitors
J. Zhang, H.Y. Xie & Z.J. Chen

A large-scale SERS substrate fabricated by using femtosecond laser with superhydrophobicity
Y.D. Xu, G. Meng & P. Ran

A study on the ship model resistance test and numerical simulation
H.C. Pan, S.N. Yu & Y.J. Yang

Magnetic memory testing signal analysis of Q345 steel welding parts under the static tension condition
M. Lou, X.-H. Lv, F. Lu & B. Li

Research on reliability assessment of success or failure product based on small sample
H.-P. Li, Z.-L. Xuan & Y.-D. Wang

Numerical simulation of hydroforming of a stainless steel sink
Q.H. Li, P. Zhu, X.Q. Guo, J.W. Hou & X.M. Li

The fabrication and measurement of a bi-axial thermal convection acceleration sensor
H. Wang, Y.G. Li, P. Yan, Y. Huang & S. Sugiyama

Innovative green design of the frog ramming machine based on TRIZ/FRT
Z.G. Xu, J.L. Li & Z.Y. Zhu

Rotor fault diagnosis based on SVM and improved D–S theory
Z.-H. Yan & P. Liao

A study of the relationship between pre-tightening force and torque in precision instrument assembly
S. Huang, X. Jin, Z.F. Wang, Z.J. Zhang, M.Z. Xiao & C. Cui

Thermal characteristic analysis of a hollow screw based on the fluid structure thermal coupling
X.S. Li, W. Xiong & J.N. Xu

Research on intelligent exhaust device design of the breaker in the substation
X. Yu & W. Wang

An improved calibration method for a nondestructive testing system based on infrared thermopile sensors
W. He, T. Zhou, B. Jiang, Y. Wan & Y. Su

Evaluation of wind turbine power generation performance based on a multiple distribution model
S.Q. Guo, J.R. Yang & H. Li

Research on the acoustic emission testing of the tank truck and on the defect acoustic emission source location method
Z.W. Ling, M.L. Zheng, D. Bin & X.L. Guo

Nonlinear dynamic analysis of a cantilever plate for generating electricity based on electromagnetic induction
J.H. Yang, K. Ye, G. Zhu & H. Guo

Influence of inductance on an interleaved parallel boost PFC circuit
Z.H. Kong, L.G. Wu & Z.F. Luo

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Prof. Jimmy C. M. Kao received his Ph.D. from the Department of Civil Engineering, North Carolina State University. His expertise covers: environmental site assessment; risk-based correction action processes by ASTM; groundwater and soil remediation; remediation system design and application; natural bioremediation of contaminated sites; wetland and water resource management. He is Director of the Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University; Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); Diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and American Academy of Water Resources Engineers; US Professional Engineer; US Certified Ground Water Professional; US Professional Hydrologist and regional/associate editor of various Scientific Journals.

Prof. Wen-Pei Sung is currently a Distinguished Professor and Dean at the College of Humanities and Creativity, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan. He is a member of Accreditation Council, Ministry of Education, a committee member of Taiwan Public Construction Commission and Accredited Professional Expert and Certificated Professional Expert (AP and CP), Low Carbon Building Alliance, Taiwan. He serves as the Project Investigator for the National Energy and Hazard Prevention Project of Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology. He received his MS and Ph.D. degrees in civil engineering from North Carolina State University, U.S.A. and National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, respectively. He is also a registered professional engineer in Taiwan. In 1990, he worked at Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Inc., Taiwan as a project engineer and completed several major state construction projects for hydraulic engineering in Taiwan and República Dominicana. In 1993, he became a faculty member of National Chin-Yi University of Technolog. In 1999, he founded Department of Landscape Architecture and became the chairman of the Department and Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Science. Currently, he is a Distinguished Professor of National Chin-Yi University of Technology. In 2012, he won Diplomate, Water Resources Engineer, American Academy of Water Resources Engineers. He also won Board Certificate Environmental Engineers Member, American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, elected as Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, (IET) U.K. in 2014 and also elected as Fellow of the International Engineering and Technology Institute, (IETI) H.K. in 2015.