Civil Engineering and Urban Planning III addresses civil engineering and urban planning issues associated with transportation and the environment. The contributions not only highlight current practices in these areas, but also pay attention to future research and applications, and provide an overview of the progress made in a wide variety of topics in the areas of:

    - Civil Engineering

    - Architecture and Urban Planning

    - Transportation Engineering

    Including a wealth of information, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning III is of interest to academics and students in civil engineering and urban planning.

    A critical comparison between CPM and PERT with Monte Carlo simulation in project management and scheduling
    Y. Liu & P.W. Zhang

    A discrete-continuous agent model for fire evacuation modeling from multistory buildings
    E. Kirik & A. Malyshev

    A ground passenger transport network optimization method on the basis of urban rail transit
    Z. Guo, H.Y.Wu & L. Tong

    A study on structural strengthening technology
    G.H. Qiao & Y.B. Cheng

    A systematic solution to the smart city – distinguished from the intelligent city
    Y.H. Mao, H.Y. Li & B. Yang

    A total bridge model study of Jiangdong Bridge in Hangzhou
    D.C. Qi & P.F. Li

    An automatic FE model generation system used for ISSS
    J. Duan, X.M. Chen, H. Qi & Y.G. Li

    Analysis of genetic mechanism and stability of Shaixiping landslide
    M.H. Su, L. Ma & W. Li

    Analysis of green design in outdoor game space for children
    X. Li

    Analysis of influencing factors on urbanization: A case study of Hebei Province, China
    G.B. Lai & B.H. Zhao

    Analysis of static characteristics of a typical gravity dam
    K. He, J.K. Chen, Y.L. Li, Z.Y.Wu & Y.Y. Zhen

    Analysis of the campus design based on the color idea of landscape space
    Y.Wang & L. Yuan

    Analysis of the consolidation effect of ultra-soft ground via vacuum preloading
    B. Xu, T. Noda & S. Yamada

    Buckling model of reinforcing bars with imperfections based on concrete lateral expansion
    P.C. Mo & B. Kan

    Characteristics and patterns of land development in hilly and urban fringe areas: A case study of Fangshan District in Beijing
    J. Xu & Y. Yao

    Comparative analysis of CO2 emissions of steel bar and synthetic fiber used in shield tunnel segment
    Q.S. Li, Y. Bai, A. Ridout & Z.W. Jiang

    Comparative study on exploitations of Konpira Grand Theatre in Japan and Sichuan Qijian Ancient Stages in China
    L. Yuan & M. Yamasaki

    Comparative study on street space comparative study of theWestern Sichuan and Huizhou folk houses
    X.K. Li, Y.Z. Li, Y.H. Tang & Y. Cao

    Comparison and suggestions on roof structure schemes of single-storey pure basement
    H.W. Kuang, H.Y. Ma & W. Pan

    Concept and practice of reconstruction of European old buildings

    Consolidation grouting Karst foundation treatment strategy for existing buildings
    Y.J. Xiang & Y. He

    Constructing the evaluation system of urban planning implement under the guideline of new urbanization—taking Tongchuan as an example
    H. Yang & P. Zhang

    Construction situation and prospect of high-speed rail earthquake monitoring and early warning system in China
    J. Yang, J. Huang & Z.G. Chen

    Danger prediction system for dangerous goods transportation
    T.J. Zhang, Y. Cao & X.W. Mu

    Deformation characteristics of a typical high rockfill dam built on a thick overburden foundation
    Z.J. Zhou, J.K. Chen,W.Q.Wang, Y.L. Li & Z.Y.Wu

    Deformation monitoring and regression analysis of surrounding rock during the construction of Zhegu Mountain Tunnel
    H.S. Zhang & S.G. Chen

    Details & decoration—an interpretation of Carlo Scarpa’s architecture work
    C. Huang

    Detecting the interface defects of steel-bonded reinforcement concrete structure by infrared thermography techniques
    Y.W. Yang, J.Y. Pan & X. Zhang

    Detection, appraisal and strengthening of the support structure of a boiler fan in part II of a power plant
    M.X. Tan

    Developing an Artificial Filter Bank (AFB) for measuring the dynamic response of civil structures
    G. Heo & J. Jeon

    Development and prospects of structural vibration control
    L. Yue

    Discussion on construction technology of asphalt pavement on expressway
    X.-P. Ou, K. Ding,W.-L. Xu, F. Gao & L. Jiang

    Effects of elevation difference on GPS monitoring accuracy
    W. Qiu, T. Huang & X.M.Wang

    Estimation of fault rupture length ofWenchuan earthquake using strong-motion envelopes
    D.Y. Yin, Q.F. Liu & M.S. Gong

    Evaluation and analysis of bridges with encased filler beams
    V. Kvocak, D. Dubecky, R. Kocurova, P. Beke & M. Al Ali

    Evaluation of cultural heritage resources ofYanhecheng in Beijing
    R.L. Miao, M. Li, Y.L. Xu & H.N. Zhang

    Evaluation on cultural heritage resources of Gubeikou fort in Beijing
    Y.L. Xu, R.L. Miao, M. Zhang & M. Li

    Experimental study on the deformation characteristics and strength parameters of rock-soil of landslide of levee’s bank slope
    R.Y. Ma, H. Liang & S.Q. Dai

    Fabric-formed concrete: A novel method for forming concrete structures
    R.P. Schmitz

    Feasibility of discharging tailing in the open pit of Fengshan copper mine using transforming open-pit into underground mining
    L. Xia & S.Y. Xia

    Flow around the 3D square cylinder and interference effects on double square cylinders
    L.J. Meng, X.W. Ma,W.Y. Ma & L.Q. Hou

    Identification of highway dangerous driving behavior based on Hidden Markov Model
    J.Wang, J. Li & X.W. Hu

    Impact of the climate conditions on waterproofing materials in long-term use in industrially polluted regions
    V. Bartošová, D. Katunský, M. Labovský & M. Lopušniak

    Implementation of PMS at a local level-case study based on StreetSaver®
    G.Wang, D. Frith & D. Morian

    Inheritance and creation of regional architecture features in urbanization process
    Y. Han & Q.Wang

    Inhibitory effect from house price rising expectation on adverse selection: Evidences from resale house trading experiments
    H. Zhang, X. Sun & Y. Zhang

    Instability warning model of open-pit mine slope based on BP neural network
    Z.H. Xie, S.S. Liang & T.T. Luan

    Investigating urban transportation planning using IC card trip data
    S.Z. Zhao, Y.F. Gao, Q.F. Tian & F. Zong

    ISM-based identification of factors influencing pedestrian violations at signalized intersections
    M.M. Zheng & Z.Y. Zuo

    Mechanical behavior of water diversion tunnel lining before and after consolidation grouting
    Y.S. Li, S.G. Chen & Z.L. Zhou

    Numerical analysis of Hefei metro shield tunnel construction crossing pile foundation of building
    K.W. Ding & D.W. Man

    Numerical analysis of soil deformation in shielding tunneling considering the effect of shield gap and grouting patterns
    Z.L. Zhou & S.G. Chen

    Numerical analysis of soil nailing’s instability in deep foundation pit
    H.G. Dong & D.K. Chen

    Numerical simulation of the characteristic of air motion in the spillway tunnel with aerators
    S.B. Yue, M.J. Diao & C. Qiu

    One-dimensional consolidation settlement numerical analysis of a large-scale land reclamation project
    J. Zhao, Y.H. Jin & J. Yi

    Optimization of clapboard with wind box type construction ventilation in super-long railway tunnel
    Z.M. Cao, Q.X. Yang & C. Guo

    Participation in urban planning
    Y.Y. Liu, Z.C. Zhang, D.S. Gao & M.Y.Wang

    Performance investigation of steel slag porous asphalt treated mixture
    C.H. Li, X.D. Xiang, Q. Guo & L.X. Jiao

    Probe into the landscape planning of Chaoshou Village, Chengbei Town, Giange County, Guangyuan City
    C.X. Ma, A.M. Liu & L. Yuan

    Rational performance tests for permanent deformation evaluation of asphalt mixtures
    Q. Li & F. Ni

    Reliability analysis of asphalt pavement considering two failure modes
    H.L. Liu & X. Xu

    Reliability analysis of geotechnical engineering problems based on an RBF metamodeling technique
    Q.Wang, J. Lin, J. Ji & H. Fang

    Research of Chinese healthy city construction practice
    F. Lv, Y. Zhang & X.Y. Song

    Research on the function hierarchies of MA rail transit network system based on the time goal
    M. Yang, X.C. Guo, X.J. Ling & X.Y. Bi

    Research on the spatial morphology and holistic structural preservation of East Asian city moat area—sample: Haohe river historic area of Nantong city
    L.L. Sun & H. Gu

    Research on urban ecological water system construction: A study case ofWulijie, China
    S. Ye

    Research on vibration characteristics of building construction while tunnel crossing underneath
    Z. Li & Z.Q. Li

    Review and assessment of urban Car Free Day program in China
    Y. Zhang

    Review of prestressed concrete technology in flexural members
    Y.X. Yin, Y.B. Cheng, Z.L. Guo & G.H. Qiao

    Roads in urban areas: Limits to regulations and design criteria
    A. Annunziata & F. Annunziata

    Route choice behavior model under time pressure
    F. Gao

    Self-vibration characteristic test and finite element analysis of spring vibration isolated turbine-generator foundation
    T.J. Qu, H.Z. Yang & G. Zhao

    Shaking table test study on bottom-business multi-storey structure
    Y.D. Liang, X. Guo, F. He, Y. Zhou & W.S. Yang

    Simulation of wireless sensor for monitoring corrosion of reinforcement steel in concrete
    G.W. Xu, J.Wu, Z.Wang & Z.Wang

    Slope’s automatic monitoring and alarm system based on TDR technology
    C.Y. Lin

    Speed variations of left-turning motor vehicles from minor road approach while merging with mainline motor vehicles at non-signalized at-grade intersection
    G.Q. Zhang, Q.Y. Zhang & Y.L. Qi

    Stability impact analysis about the layout of tie beam for thin-walled pier
    X.M. Dong

    Studies concerning the guidance in curves of bogies with elastic driven wheelsets
    I. Sebe¸san & M.A. Spiroiu

    Study on bicycle flow characteristics at intersections
    X.H. Deng & J. Xu

    Study on characteristics of typical vernacular dwellings in Mount Emei
    K.Z. Chen, Y.Z. Li & Y.T. Jiang

    Study on space structure change of land used for carbon source and carbon sink in urban fringe areas
    M.L. Qin, H. Li, J. Ya, J. Zhao & W.C. Chen

    Study on the mechanical performance of bridges affected by the creep of concrete in bridge widening
    Q.K. Zhang, G.Y. Zhang & M.Q. Li

    Study on the traffic prediction of Dezhou-yu’e province boundaries highway
    M.L. Li & H.B. Liu

    Study on traffic safety risk assessment of expressway in cold areas
    J.Wang, K. Zhou & X.W. Hu

    Study on urban spatial development and traffic flow characteristics in Tianjin
    Y.Wang & K.M. Chen

    Survey and analysis of energy consumption of shopping mall buildings in Chengdu
    Z. Liu & Y. Xiang

    Sustainable high-rise buildings
    L.X. Li, Z.D.Wang & R. Qian

    Temperature deformations of the ultralong frame structure of MIXC-Qingdao
    N.N. Han, S. Ke, Y.J. Ge & Q. Li

    Terminal departure passenger traffic forecast based on association rule
    S.W. Cheng, H.B. Zhang, J. Xu & Y.P. Zhang

    Test and analysis of the vacuum degree transport within plastic drainage board
    T.Y. Liu, H.Z. Kang & A.M. Liu

    The analysis of anti-seismic safety behavior of split columns with a core of reinforced concrete
    X.J. Chu & Y. Liang

    The analysis of urban-rural transit trip characteristics using a Structural Equation Model
    P.F. Li, X.H. Chen & Y.F. Tu

    The application of creeper and overhang plants on exterior facades of Guangfu dwellings
    S.Y. Zhang

    The comparison of multi-ribbed frame structure filled with phosphogypsum with conventional frame structure
    F. Liu & F.J.Wang

    The correlation of P-wave velocity and strength of solidified dredged marine soil
    C.-M. Chan, K.-H. Pun & L.-S. Hoo

    The discussion of multi-channel emergency management pattern in the north bank of Wenzhou Ou River
    Y.H. Yao & Y.F. Li

    The Florence charter and the conservation of Chinese classical gardens
    Y. Zhong & J.J. Cheng

    The impact of the rocking wall layout on the structural seismic performance
    S.B. Yang, Y.B. Zhao, Z.T.Wei & J.H. Jia

    The loads variations on the locomotives axles
    I. Sebesan & M.M. Calin

    The performance of ground resource heat pump unit in a long time operation in summer hot and winter warm district
    Y.N. Hu, F. Ruan & S.S. Hu

    The planning bases on landscape-oriented proposal stems
    L.M. Bai & J.M. Hou

    The research and application of reinforced truss slab in steel framework
    W.X. Xia & H.Y.Wan

    The research of construction engineering life
    W.S. Zhao

    The research on structural design to resist progressive collapse
    Z.L. Guo, Y.B. Cheng, Y.X. Yin & G.H. Qiao

    The study of closed surface-water-source heat pump system in hot summer warm winter zone
    W.B. Lian, Y. Jiang & Y.N. Hu

    Urban study on physical environment and social migrants networking focused on Russian-speaking Town in Seoul, Korea
    E. Shafray & K. Seiyong

    Waste water treatment through public-private partnerships: The experience of the regional government of Aragon (Spain)
    S. Carpintero & O.H. Petersen

    Welding process from the civil engineering point of view
    M. Al Ali, M. Tomko & I. Demjan

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    Kouros Mohammadian, Konstadinos G. Goulias, Elif Cicek, Kouros Mohammadian, Konstadinos G Goulias Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA, Elif Cicek, Jieh-Jiuh Wang, Chrysanthos Maraveas