Civil Engineering and Urban Planning IV : Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Planning, Beijing, China, 25-27 July 2015 book cover
1st Edition

Civil Engineering and Urban Planning IV
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Planning, Beijing, China, 25-27 July 2015

ISBN 9781138029033
Published May 9, 2016 by CRC Press
1012 Pages

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Book Description

Civil Engineering and Urban Planning IV includes the papers presented at the 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (CEUP 2015, Beijing, China, 25-27 July 2015). The contributions from experts and world-renowned scientists cover a wide variety of topics:

- Civil engineering;

- Architecture and urban planning;

- Transportation engineering;

- Geomatics;

- Natural hazards and risk, and

- Rock mechanics and rock engineering.

Civil Engineering and Urban Planning IV will appeal to professionals and academics involved in the above mentioned areas.

Table of Contents

Architecture and urban planning

The construction of livable city in the practice of historical town planning: A case of luzhi town, suzhou, China
Z.-L. Zhang & L.-D. Jiang

Application mode of the evaluation outcomes of mountainous land suitability for urban construction in compilation of general land-use planning in yunnan province—based on the strategy of "constructing mountainous cities" and its effects
Z.-S. Yang, Q.-G. Zhao, S.-Q. Zhang, Y.-M. He, B.-S. Zhang & M.-J. Xu

Study on the decorative features of huaxi ba historical architecture
J.-N. Zhang, X. She & Y.-Z. Li

Inclusiveness and complexity in nieuwmarkt neighborhood renewal project—lessons from pentagon block and its surroundings
H. Jiang

Forecasting research on the functional evolution of the land area in the dalian core port area
Q. Zhang, W.-Y. Wang, Z.-J. Guo & X.-Q. Song

The study on ecological risk assessment in the port of the coastal city based on the landscape pattern analysis
W.-Y. Wang, G.-L. Tang, Y. Zhou & Q. Zhang

Evaluation of the parking permits scheme for residents in thessaloniki, Greece
G. Mintsis, C. Taxiltaris, S. Basbas & Y. Stathis

A comprehensive research and design of the campus vehicle management system
Y. Li

Research on the relationship between ecological industry and sustainable development of industrial park
X. Niu

Research on the main risks and countermeasures of glass curtain wall
Q. Li & X. Zhu

Numerical study of leaked natural gas dispersion within an urban street canyon considering the distribution of ground surface flux
Y. Wang, H. Huang & L.-D. Huang

The quantitative risk assessment of the storage tank areas based on the domino effect
J.-L. Zhao, H. Huang, B.-N. Su & N. Zhang

Discussion on the contribution of the bohai strait tunnel project to freight transportation system and economic benefit
B. Wang, C.-N. Deng, F. Liu & J. Zhang

study on the renovation of old industrial district combined with the creative industry in guangdong, China
H. Ma & K. Zhu

Comprehensive evaluation research on the sustainable development of urban infrastructure
Y. Lin, M.-P. Zhang, H.-T. Wang & Y.-C. Li

Study on temperature-rising rules of self-heating airfield pavement with continuous carbon fiber heating wire
W. Xu, C.-M. Li, G. Xu & G.-Y. Li

Fuzzy optimization for pedestrian subjective route choice
A. Çekmiş

Fractal dimension—a new tool for quantitative analysis of urban skyline
J. Wang

Farming space in ancient chinese cities: Harmonious urban development shaped by agricultural civilization and rural relations
Y. Tang & L.-X. Guo

Research on industrialized spatial features of xi’an modern city
Y. Wei, Y. Wang & F.-F. Yang

Analysis of urban public greenspace pattern based on landscape metrics in kunming
M. Liu, Z.-M. Zhang, M.-Y. Yang, Y.-P. Geng, X.-K. Ou & D. Song

Research on the group layout of the space form in the intensive university campus
Q.-M. Deng & Y.-B. Liu

Residents’ living experience and satisfaction in chinese urban development: A case study of ningbo
C.-H. Wen, Y.-L. Lin & J. Bie

Research on the strategies of urban spatial integration in the view of cultural heritage conservation
Y.-Q. Zhao, J. Xu & W. Tian

Public spaces of the social housing in porto: Learning with design practice
N. Abrantes, F.B. Alves & V. Abrantes

From nicholas negroponte to al bahar tower: The development in theory and technology of responsive architecture
H.-J. Liu

Regional building cooling load prediction stochastic model based on monte carlo simulation
L.-Z. Wang, H.-W. Tan & Z. Zhuang

Seismic time history analysis of large-scale wind turbine
L. Fang, D. Zhang & J.-W. Wang

Study on population and land expansion and their coordinated relations—a case of hebei province
Y.-C. Wang, Y. Chen & Q.-N. Yan

Ecological rebuilding planning strategy of rural vacant land in South Jiangsu
Z.-X. Qin & Y.-Z. Huang

Introduction and forecast of creative industry parks of industrial heritage culture in China
Z. Qiao, H. Zhang & Y. Wei

Study on planning and construction standards of facilities for the aging population in Chinese urban residential areas in a deep aging society
X. Wang, Z.-G. Liu & Y.-L. Zhu

Application of a complex ecosystem theory in intensive planning of public facilities in residential areas
X. Wang, Y.-L. Zhu & S.-Y. Gao

Urban disaster prevention and mitigation planning optimization based on disaster prevention system construction
Z. Wang & Q.-F. Wang

Analysis of the differential parking charge policy in nanjing based on the big data of microblog
Y.-X. Sun, Y.-B. Yang, N.-N. Geng & Z.-W. Ji

An efficiency evaluation and a regional variance analysis of the provincial forest park tourism
C. Yu & M. Li

Deformation monitoring and control of the lateral karst cave tunnel
D.-D. Zhang, F. Xiong, L. Zhang & H. Shi

Research on the development of the non-motorized transportation system in the short time scale—taking lianyungang as an example
H. Lu & Y.-Z. Ni

Advances in designing stainless steel second-skin façades
C.M. Houska

Quicker opening of bituminous asphalt pavements to traffic by use of mechanical impedance measurements
J. Huebelt , J. Lindemann, S. Wolf & F. Wellner

Research on an ecological blockhouse in the zhaba area, ganzi autonomous prefecture
X. She, J.-N. Zhang & Y.-Z. Li

Civil engineering

Structural protection after landslide phenomena: A case study in Northern Italy
M. Sassu, M. Andreini, A. De Falco, L. Giresini & M.L. Puppio

A new principle of virtual power for elastoplasticity mechanics
N.-Z. Lei, I.-L. Chung & Y.-H. Pao

Economic incentive policy design for fabricated construction based on externality analysis
G.-C. Liu, X. Li, C.-X. Wang & W.-J. Sun

Research on barriers analysis of formwork and BIM solution
X. Ji, H.-G. Zhu, X.-D. Zhang & L.-F. Dong

Study on the optimization design of the suspended dome structure
Q. Zhang, L.-Y. Ma & B.-X. Gu

Dynamic analysis on the stability of high reinforced soil slope under seismic effects
X.-S. Tang, J. Lai & Y.-R. Zheng

Seismic performance of the self-centering confined masonry wall with external steel dampers
X.-B. Hu, W.-X. Li, K. Liu & L. Chen

Post-evaluation on wind power construction project
Y.-N. Wu, Z.-M. Lu & X.-Y. Zong

Numerical simulation of peak strength reduction in rock under uniaxial cyclical compression
H.-L. Zhang, Y. Tang, C.-C. Chen, W. Nie, K. Zhao & S.-M. Ma

The applied research of wind bolt and stable cable to the beam string structure
F.-T. Pan, Y. Lu & L. Zhang

The relation of kappa and distance in the case of tohoku-oki earthquake
B.-H. Zhu, Z.-R. Tao & X.-X. Tao

A simplified method for calculating load transverse distribution coefficient of skew bridge
H.-L. Jin, X.-B. Tang & L. Jiang

An ontology-based context management system for diversion tunnel
X.-Y. Zheng & J. Shen

Dynamical reliability of internally resonant structural system under gaussian white noise excitations
H.-Y. Wang, J. Lan & Y.-J. Wu

Historic and modern urban concrete bridges in Poland
J. Biliszczuk, J. Onysyk, W. Barcik & R. Toczkiewicz

Experimental investigation on the hysteresis behavior of beam-to-column connections of h-beams with corrugated webs
X. Fan & M. Li

Numerical analysis on mechanical behavior of masonry walls strengthened by BFRP
Z. Lei, Y. Xu, Y. Wang & J.-T. Qu

Research on the ecological stability technology of carbonaceous shale slope
X.-X. Liu & Y. Dai

Calculation of areas flooded in urban reservoirs of water supply
E.A. Silva, F. Leonardi, M.M. Pedrosa, F. Puga & V.S.S. Leonardi

Research on influencing factors of eutrophication of tanghe reservoir
C.-X. Mi, J.-C. Chen & Y.-N. Mi

Engineering properties of self-compacting concrete with stainless steel slags
Y.-N. Sheen, H.-Y. Wang, L.-J. Huang & T.-H. Sun

Reconstruction of three-dimensional road roughness
G. Yao, Y. Yang, W. Du & M. She

Improved punching shear capacity calculation method of reinforced concrete slab-column connections
H.-Y. Guo & J.-J. Cheng

Experimental research on elastic modulus of high-performance concrete in bridges
H.-X. Du, Q. Zhang, R.-Z. Yan, J. Yang & L.-L. Yao

Using analytic hierarchy process to evaluate the improvement schemes of the maoliling tunnel based on the VISSIM simulation
P.-Q. Wang, Z.-G. Lu, H.-Q. Zhang & F.-J. Wang

Application of ambient vibration tests on an existing school building to evaluate the effectiveness of retrofitting
L. Li, T. Ohkubo, A. Teramoto & S. Matsumoto

Desertification risk assessment based on GIS in the loess plateau, China
J.-X. Zhang, W.-F. Liu, D.-Y. Zhang, J.-X. Pang, D. Wang, Y. Wang & X.-S. Li

Remediation of soil contamination on urban industrial sites—a case study on the old industrial base in Northeast China
Y.-C. Zhang

Performance of a level isolation device for cultural relics by shaking table tests
Q. Zhou, W.-M. Yan & J.-B. Ji

Experimental study on tou-kungs of tai-he palace in the forbidden city under vertical loads
Q. Zhou, W.-M. Yan & J.-B. Ji

Displacement calculation of helical curved beams based on ULM
J.-M. Liu, Z.-Y. Zhang & Q.-Y. Wei

Reinforcement optimization of continuously reinforced concrete pavement
L. Qing, Z.-M. Hu & R.-H. Liu

A gray-fuzzy evaluation method for soft foundation treatment based on genetic algorithm
Y.-P. Sun

One-way expansion of compacted lateritic soil and prediction of crack closure time
W. Bai, L.-W. Kong & R.-B. Lin

The time-dependent effect of interfacial stresses on strengthening RC beams with CFRP
B.-S. Xu, M. Ma, M. Zhang & G.-F. Li

Influence of anode follow-up on electro-osmosis
R.-B. Lin, L.-W. Kong, W. Bai, D.-L. Zhu, A.-W. Yang & P. Yang

Study on the construction mechanics of the road tunnel crossing underneath the overlying mining area
J.-W. Gong, X. Wang & P.-L. Qi

Construction deformation monitoring and application analysis for the neighborhood tunnel
H. Sheng, J.-W. Gong & X. Wang

Experimental study on the boundary slippage phenomenon of soft soil micropore seepage
H. Zhou & W.-F. Yan

Development of an urban rainstorm flood simulation model based on a plain flood model
B.-N. Su, H. Huang, N. Zhang & J.-L. Zhao

A study of engineering and electricity properties of cement mortar added with fly ashes and piezoelectric materials
S.-C. Chang, J.-C. Lin, S.-H. Chen & H.-Y. Wang

No-sand cushion vacuum preloading method to improve bearing capacity of fresh hydraulic fill mud
W. Bai, R.-B. Lin, D.-L. Zhu, Z.-X. Liu & G.-F. Yuan

Theoretical and experimental study on a new combined mild steel damper
J.-C. Wang, L.-Z. Yang, F.-F. Wang & M. Wei

Application study of mesh-based block identification method in an underground cavern complex
Y.-T. Zhang, X.-L. Ding & Z.-G. Zhang

Estimation of areas of experimental rainfall-eroded soil slope based on moving average time series models
X.-Y. Fan, F.-L. Xu, Y.-C. Liang, L. Chen, Y. You & W. Nie

Network arches for road and rail
P. Tveit

Analysis of anchorage zone and strut-and-tie design of single-eccentric concrete
straight anchor
W.-X. Zhang, Q.-Y. Xie & L. Liu

Simplified analysis of cohesion layer of steel bridge deck pavement under different vehicle load cases
Z.-F. Wang, Z.-B. Cheng, M.-J. Zhang, B. Gao & K. Liu

Comparative study of intra-urban target performance on simulated WorldView-2 and WorldView-3 responses from hyperspectral data
S.C. Azevedo, G.P. Cardim, M.M. Pedrosa, E.H. Alcântara & E.A. Silva

Priming effects on people’s safety decision in a virtual reality construction simulator
X.-Q. Lu & S.R. Davis

Seismic fragility analysis of complex landscape covered bridge
S. Song & Y.-J. Qian

Study on the unconfined compressive strength prediction of cement soil according to curing time
S.-Y. Zhang, Y.-G. Chen & Z.-W. Zhao

Research on critical slope for channel excavation based on finite arc and strength reduction methods
X.-P. Wu, P.-J. Jin & Y. Zhang

Liners and covers for landfills from cemented sands in arid areas
N.F. Ismael, A.A. Al-Rashidi & D.N. Ismael

Simulation study of bed shear stress distribution of wide and narrow alternated channels
S.-T. Miao, H. Lin & Y. Zeng

Study of the bearing capacity of lightweight wallboards under a uniform load
J.-Y. Li, L. Zhang & L.-H. Liu

Effect of scale and geometry features of fault on crustal stress
Q.-T. Pei, X.-L. Ding, Y.-T. Zhang, Z.-H. Dong & S.-L. Huang

Analysis and comparison of the most reasonable height based on the stiffness characteristic for different types of flat vierendeel structures
C.-X. Wei, J.-M. Tian & L.-Z. Jiang

Numerical damage analysis of masonry structure strengthened with FRP composite material
Z. Lei, Y. Xu, Y. Wang & J.-T. Qu

Improved duncan-chang model’s application in pit lateral unloading simulation
L.-H. Cheng, G.-L. Liu & A.-F. Li

Earthquake response of cable-stayed bridge with local cable vibration under long-period ground motion
B.-B. Chen, Z.-R. Feng, B.-B. He & X.-F. Wang

Physico-mechanical characteristics of dune sand concrete as an emerging building material for light constructions
M. Chemrouk, M. Boukerrou & A.A. Rahmani

The elastic-plastic analysis of single buildings of prefabricated shear wall
H. Qi, M. Li & K. Liu

A new method for measuring hydraulic parameters of unsaturated soils
P.-P. Yi & S.-K. Niu

Cost risk analysis for the power transmission project-based network
H.-Y. Shen, P. Wang & Y. Liu

Numerical modeling: The evolution of tectonic stress field in the longmenshan region
S.-R. Su, Y. Zhang & P. Li

Field settlement observations made on four Concrete Face Rockfill Dams
Z.-Z. Fu, T.-B. Wang & S.-S. Chen

Analysis of the lifting law of the lakeshore deepwater berth
H.-W. Sun

Key technique in the movement of the yellow river museum
Z.-M. Zhang & L. Cai

Research on the hard brittle clay shale water content and the mechanical strength distribution rule
G.-R. Lu, M. Liu, L.-W. Zhang & H. Zhou

Research development on seismic behavior of the short-pier shear wall
L.-M. Jiang & J.-F. He

Influence factor of surrounding roads on compacting displacements of jacked piles
Z.-Y. Luo, B.-P. Zhou & Y.-L. Tao

Application and exploration of ground penetrating radar to pipe jacking construction
K. Guo, P. Chen, L. Liu, Y. Ma & R.-J. Sun

Study on the drying shrinkage of the manufactured sand high-strength concrete
D.-H. Wu

Finite element analysis of hollow cylinder test taking torque rate into consideration
B.-B. Xu & T. Noda

The research of the impact load of a vehicle applied to the bridge basedon a model experiment
X.-F. Lin, Y. Ding, X.-D. Zhang & G.-W. Tang

The state space method of free vibration analysis for frame-shear wall-thin-walled core skew structure
H. Zhang & L. Huang

Finite element method analysis—the mechanism of anti-slide piles to reinforce the slope title
D.-B. Ren, S.-H. Yu & J.-Y. Tu

Damage simulation of a concrete column in fire
S.-H. Tang, Y.-P. Cui, Y.-S. Luo & S.-P. Yin

Numerical analysis of foundation properties in a large artificial mountain
W.-D. Wang, Z.-R. Ye, K. Zeng, C. Zhao, H.-F. Chen & H.-W. Lu

Connection performance assessment of 2D steel frames under column-removal scenario
C. Chen, H.-R. Yu, Y. Xu & W.-B. Li

Analysis of beam-column joint in steel frame structure based on connection failure probability
H.-R. Yu, C. Chen, Y. Xu & W.-B. Li

Linear optimal semi-active control of earthquake response of vibration-absorption megaframe structure
M. Zhang & S.-L. Hu

Evaluation of Russia’s innovation activity levels in construction
V.I. Telichenko & A.A. Benuzh

The influence of a bridge deck’s relative height on the damping effect of a tower-girder elastic connecting device in cable-stayed bridges
J. Huang, W.-X. Zhang, L.-L. Zhao & J.-J. Wang

Causes of explosion in section c of the diversion tunnel under construction at Zengwen reservoir
P.C. Lee, H.H. Pan & S.P. Ho

The effects of hole ratio on the failure probability of masonry structures
T. Lv & R.-Y. Zheng

Dynamic behavior of a concrete building under mainshock-aftershock seismic sequence with a progressive damage and failure material model
J.M. Dulinska & I.J. Murzyn

Computational study on delamination detection in FRP beam with an ultrasonic-optic technique
Y. Xu, Y. Yu & L. Niu

Influence of superabsorbent polymer with different particle size and dosage on properties of cement mortar
Z.-L. Yi, H.-J. Li, Y.-B. Tan & Y.-J. Xie

Experiment study of retard-bonded pre-stressed concrete structure
T.-B. Liu & J.-C. Zhao

Analysis of deformation characteristics of pre-stressed steel girder in high temperature (fire)
Q. Sun, Y. Guan & W. Tian

Experimental analysis on mechanical properties of different types of steel fiber-reinforced concrete
J.-G. Shao

Research on the stability of stiffened plates with trapezoidal closed ribs in orthotropic steel box girder
X. Peng, J. Di & Y. Zou

Experimental study on road performance parameters of micro bonded graded broken stone
B.-Y. Yu, Y. Zhang & Z.-J. Wang

Performance observation and evaluation analysis of the graded broken stone base test road
B.-Y. Yu, Y. Zhang & Z.-J. Wang

Experiment study on the effect of freeze-thaw damage to chloride ion penetrationperformance of concrete
X.-H. Hao, Y.-N. Zhang, Y. Liu & Y.-D. Hu

Numerical simulation study on the freeze-thaw process of concrete
X.-H. Hao, W. Lan, Y. Liu & Y.-D. Hu

Experimental study on the flexural behavior of concrete beams strengthened with near-surface mounted CFRP laminates
L. Huang, X. Li & H. Zhang

Simulation analysis of the excavation with the support pile of the Shandong bookstore project
Y. Wang, F.-T. Lu, W.-K. Hu, G.-L. Hu & Y.-J. Zheng

Mechanical analysis of a new type of self-centering frame
Y. Liu, M.-X. Pan, Z. Zhou, Y.-K. Dong & T.-S. Zhou

Analysis of the displacement of soil around the shaft and cross channel based on MIDAS/GTS
J.-W. Zhong, Z.-Y. Duan & Y.-J. Xu

Numerical simulation of bearing characteristics of single pile in the Zhanjiang area
Y.-M. Liu, D. Fu, Z.-X. Tong, Z.-Q. Bao & B. Tang

The elastic mechanics equations of bi-curvature beam based on tensor theory
J.-M. Liu, Z.-Y. Zhang, Q.-Y. Wei & A.-G. Leng

Analysis on the influence of buckling performance of the U-stiffened plate on deck surfacing and wheel load
R.-P. Zhao

Transportation engineering

A new method for positioning Variable Message Signs
Y.-R. Guo, X.-M. Wang, M. Wang & H. Zhang

Traffic freight volume forecasting based on optimized GM (1,1) power model
S.-J. Zhang & S.-Y. Chen

Modeling of tree-roots effects on pavement stresses and strains
M. Mostafa Hassan & J.A. Adedeji

Navigation risk evaluation for channels based on the Belief Rule Base
W.-D. Gan, Z.-Y. Zhang & Y.-W. Li

Studying the effect of the difference in vehicles’ mass on fatal accidents
S.M. Sadat Hoseini, F. Zera’at Peyma & S.S. Kashfi

Analysis and evaluation on depth perception of commercial vehicle drivers
L.-C. Zhang, L. Wei, J.-C. Zhou, S. Tian & S.-C. Wang

Research on the competitive character of urban rail transit and conventional bus—taking the Suzhou rail transit passenger corridor as an example
L.-J. Wang, W.-Z. Xiao, W.-W. Shen & J. Liu

Modeling of fly ash stabilized base layers
J.A. Adedeji & M. Mostafa Hassan

Automatic extraction of vector road based on bus GPS data
S.-H. Xu, F.-Z. Li, L.-G. Meng & Q.-T. Zhao

Research on the crack resistance of the high-viscosity emulsified asphalt sand seal
Y.-Z. Sun, J.-W. Pan, X.-Y. Tang & J.-C. Wang

Reliability assessment of port area road based on Bayesian analysis
X.-Q. Song, Y. Zhou, W.-Y. Wang & Q. Zhang

Study on the anti-cracking performance of fibrous high-viscoelastic asphalt sand
Y.-Z. Sun, X.-Y. Tang, Z. Guo & J.-C. Wang

Experimental study on the direct tensile experiment of high-viscoelastic asphalt sand
Y.-Z. Sun, Z.-Y. Gu, C. Liu & Z. Guo

An RFID based carbon footprint tracing method for product logistics
S.-L. Chen, J.-J. Yi, X.-M. Zhu & H. Jiang

Left-turn track function of bicycle flow in intersection
S.-C. Zhang, K.-K. He & R.-F. Yang

Study on the test of the CRTSII slab reinforced with Basalt Fiber Steel Tendon
Z.-P. Feng, H. Wang, Y. Wang, S.-X. Zhang, P. Wang & X.-A. Yan

Optimal bus station locations using a Voronoi diagram model
G.-Y. Zhu, W.-X. Zhang, J. Wei & P. Zhang

Optimization of sustainable biofuel network based on hybrid genetic algorithm
N.-N. Geng, Y. Zhang, Y.-X. Sun & Y.-J. Jiang

Mode choice behavior for access to the airport under a new mode: A case study of Nanjing Lukou Airport
D.-W. Bao, S.-Y. Hua & J.-H. Jia

Effect of rail transit box-girder with web opening on the structure noise radiation
L.-Y. Liu & D.-Y. Xu

A comprehensive model for facility location in disaster relief
Q.-S. Lei, Z.-D. Mo & X.-G. Zhou

A trans-shipment model for emergency relief distribution in unexpected disasters
Q.-S. Lei, Y.-Y. Wang & X.-G. Zhou

A cellular automata model for indoor evacuation based on artificial potential field
and ant colony algorithm
Z.-W. Ye, Y.-J. Yin, X.-L. Zong, M.-W. Wang & Y.-L. Jiang

Intercity rail transit pricing based on the Ramsey model
Q.-Y. Luo, L. Mang, H.-F. Jia & S.-T. Gao

A model of avoiding traffic accidents between drivers and pedestrians in signalized intersections in VANETs
J. Sun

Hybrid life cycle and interval linear programming for the copying paper supply-chain management considering the Greenhouse Gas mitigation
W.-C. Yue, Y.-P. Cai, L.-Y. Xu, C.-H. Li, X. Wang & Q.-Q. Rong

Comparisons of resident trip characteristics in large and medium cities between the central and western regions in China
T. Liu & B.-F. Li

A multistage method on regional multimodal logistic network design from a logistic enterprise perspective: A case in China
H.-Q. Li

Research on mechanical properties of steel slag asphalt mixture
W. Li, H.-D. Wang, H.-B. Wang & C.-Y. Wang

Multi-objective evaluation of different traffic organizations for twelve-lane freeways
J. Han, C.-C. Xu, W. Wang, X.-Y. Tian & X.-D. Li

Urban public transportation system in China
H. Huang & L. Cheng

Crowd management in emergency situations: What can be learned from the existing video data?
B.-B. Liu & X.-C. Guo

Fuzzy-theory-based determination model for researching airport passenger flow radiative zone
W.-H. Zhang, L. Zhou, H.-J. Bai & Q.-Q. Li

Performance evaluation of recycled cement stabilized crushed stone
J. Wang, S.-F. Xu, J. Qiao, L.-T. Xu & Y.-J. Guo

Performance evaluation of the recycling asphalt binder regenerated with vegetable oil
Q. Man, J. Wang, S.-F. Xu & Z. Suo

Review on three road surface roughness simulation methods
F. Yang & J.-T. Zhao

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