4th Edition

Classic Case Studies in Psychology Fourth Edition

By Geoff Rolls Copyright 2020
    380 Pages 37 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    380 Pages 37 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The human mind is both extraordinary and compelling. From the leader who convinced his followers to kill themselves to the man who lost his memory, these famous accounts have provided invaluable insights for scholars and researchers and amazed the public at large. Brought to life by Rolls, each case is contextualized with more typical behaviour, while the latest thinking in each subfield is also discussed.

    Revised and updated, this new edition features two new case studies including the 'Jim Twins' by Thomas Bouchard, an amazing case of twins separated at birth and adopted by different parents yet when reunited 30 years later shared so many behavioural characteristics. It also features a new issues and debates chapter.

    Classic Case Studies in Psychology is accessibly written and requires no prior knowledge of psychology, just an interest in the human condition. The book will amaze, sometimes disturb, but above all enlighten its readers.

    Geoff Rolls has taught psychology for over 26 years and is currently Head of Psychology at Peter Symonds College, Winchester, UK. He is the author of the popular Women Can’t Park, Men Can’t Pack (Chambers, 2009), which investigates gender stereotypes (including driving), and also Taking the Proverbial (Chambers, 2007), which explores the psychological truth behind well-known proverbs and sayings.


    Table of Contents


    Part 1: Cognitive Psychology

    1. The man who couldn’t forget: the story of Solomon Shereshevsky (‘S’)
    2. The man who lived for the present: the story of H.M. (Henry Gustav Molaison)
    3. The man who was disappointed by what he saw: the story of S.B.
    4. Kim Peek: The real Rain Man
    5. Holly Ramona and the nature of memory
    6. Part 2: Social Psychology

    7. The girl who cried murder: the story of Catherine ‘Kitty’ Genovese
    8. Jonestown and the dangers of obedience
    9. The end of the world is nigh: the case of Dorothy Martin
    10. Bad apples or bad barrels?: Lynndie England, Abu Ghraib and Stanford University
    11. Part 3: Developmental psychology

    12. Innocence lost: the story of Genie
    13. The boy who was never a girl: the story of David Reimer
    14. The Wild Boy of Aveyron: the story of Victor
    15. Two little boys: The story of Little Albert and Little Peter
    16. The ‘Jim’ Twins: Identical yet raised apart
    17. Part 4: Individual differences

    18. The boy who needed to play: the story of Dibs
    19. The man who was turned on by prams and handbags
    20. Freud’s analysis of phobia in a young boy: the story of Little Hans
    21. The three faces of Eve: the story of Chris Sizemore
    22. The boy who couldn’t stop washing: a story of OCD
    23. Part 5: Physiological psychology

    24. The men who didn’t sleep: the story of Peter Tripp and Randy Gardner
    25. The man who lived with a hole in his head: The story of Phineas Gage
    26. The man with no brain?
    27. Natural Born Killer?: Charles Decker: the case of the Crocodile Man
    28. Part 6: Comparative psychology

    29. Talking to the animals: Washoe and Roger Fouts

    Signposting Approaches, Issues and Debates



    Geoff Rolls has taught Psychology for over 26 years, and is currently Head of Psychology at Peter Symonds College, Winchester. He is the author of the popular ‘Women Can't Park, Men Can't Pack’ (Chambers 2009) which investigates gender stereotypes (including driving) and also ‘Taking the Proverbial’ (Chambers, 2007) which explores the psychological truth behind well-known proverbs and sayings.