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Classic European Studies in the Science of Music: Classic European Studies in the Science of Music

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In 2010 The European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM) established a project to bring new, broader readerships to historically important European monographs previously only published in a language (or languages) other than English. The main criterion for inclusion in the series is that the work concerned should have made a major (and historically significant) contribution to theory or method for analysing and understanding the structure, organisation, and underlying psychological mechanisms of music, and should not have been previously published in high quality English translation.

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Music Psychology

Music Psychology

1st Edition

Edited By Daphne Tan, Ernst Kurth
September 25, 2023

The first edition of Ernst Kurth’s Musikpsychologie appeared in 1931, and was regarded by contemporaneous psychologists as no less than the foundation for a new systematic approach to the perception and cognition of music. Time has hardly diminished Kurth’s standing as an original scholar with a ...

The Origin of Musical Instruments An Ethnological Introduction to the History of Instrumental Music

The Origin of Musical Instruments: An Ethnological Introduction to the History of Instrumental Music

1st Edition

Edited By Rachelle Taylor, André Schaeffner
February 28, 2020

The work of French musicologist, ethnologist and critic Andre Schaeffner (1895– 1980) grew out of his first organological studies of the history of Western classical instruments in the late 1920s and encapsulated in his wide-ranging Origine des instruments de musique, which captures his studies in ...

Tone Psychology: Volume I The Sensation of Successive Single Tones

Tone Psychology: Volume I: The Sensation of Successive Single Tones

1st Edition

By Carl Stumpf
September 19, 2019

Carl Stumpf (1848-1936) was a German philosopher and psychologist and a visionary and important academic. During his lifetime, he ranked among the most prominent scientists of his time. Stumpf's intention, as evident in his book, Tone Psychology, was to investigate the phenomenon of tone sensation ...

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