1st Edition

Classic Radiologic Signs
An Atlas and History

ISBN 9780367401153
Published September 5, 2019 by CRC Press
208 Pages

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Book Description

This book illustrates 100 classic radiologic signs with radiograms alongside illustrative photographs for memory aids and clarification. Accompanying text explains the history and meaning of the descriptive name. The entry for "dromedary hump," for example, shows a typical x-ray of this condition with a photograph of a dromedary camel that clearly shows how the name fits the sign. Dr. Mulligan says, "In honor of the 100th anniversary of Roentgen's discovery, this book illustrates and elaborates on the history of 100 of the more classic radiologic signs. If we are to use these terms with full understanding, we must have the ability to visualize the object depicted by the term, imagine its radiographic appearance, and transfer that picture to the radiographic image before us. This book is intended to help practitioners and students of our art accomplish that task."

Table of Contents

Applecore Asterisk Bamboo Beak Beaten silver Blade of grass Boot shaped heart Bowler hat Bullet vertebra Butterfly and Batswing shadow Button Sequestrum Camalote Carpenter's level Celery Cloverleaf Cobblestone Cobra Codfish Codman triangle Coffee bean Coin lesion Cookie bite Corduroy Cotton wool Crescent Cupid's bow Delta Doughnut Dripping candle wax Egg Eggshell Erlenmeyer flask Football Greenstick Ground glass Gull wing Hair on end Hitchhiker thumb Hockey stick Honda (H) Horseshoe Iceberg Ivory Lead pipe Lemon&Banana Leontiasis Lincoln log Linguine Mallet Marble Mercedes-Benz Mickey Mouse Miliary Mogul Motheaten Mouse ear Napoleon hat Onion skin Parchment Phrygian cap Picket fence&Stack of coins Picture frame Pine tree Playboy bunny Porcelain Pruned&Leafless tree Railroad track Ribbon Rugger jersey "S" (Golden) Saber Saber-sheath Sail&spinnaker Sausage Scimitar Scottie Shepherd's crook Shmoo Shotgun Silhouette Silver fork Snowman Spinning top Staghorn String Sunburst Teardrop&Pearshape Telephone Terry-Thomas Thumbprint Turret Waterfall Wine goblet.

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Mulligan\, M.E.