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Classic and Contemporary Latin American Social Theory

About the Series

Since the beginning of this century in the main universities of the world from UCL (USA), through the Free University of Berlin, (Germany), to Cambridge (UK), a deep debate has begun for the decoloniality of studies in social sciences and sociology. The Series proposed here focuses on Latin American writers and theories that make it possible on the one hand to initiate (and founding) any type of postcolonial reflection and also an alternative theoretical practice by making visible the heritage of theory not yet known from Latin America.

If you wish to submit a book proposal for the series, please contact Adrian Scribano at ad[email protected] or Emily Briggs [email protected]

Series Editor:

Adrian Scribano is Director of the Centre for Sociological Research and Studies (CIES and a Principal Researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina. He is also the Director of the Latin American Journal of Studies on Bodies, Emotions and Society and the Study Group on Sociology of Emotions and Bodies, in the Gino Germani Research Institute, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires.

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José Ingenieros Yesterday and Today, Critical Readings

José Ingenieros: Yesterday and Today, Critical Readings

1st Edition


By Maximiliano E. Korstanje
March 19, 2024

Maximiliano Korstanje presents an overview and analysis of the work of the Argentinian Sociologist and physician, José Ingenieros (1877–1925). In fact, José Ingenieros was a seminal scholar who contributed directly to the formation of sociology in Latin America. Born in Palermo, Italy Ingenieros ...

Florestan Fernandes’ Critical Sociology A Social Theory of Brazil and Latin America

Florestan Fernandes’ Critical Sociology: A Social Theory of Brazil and Latin America

1st Edition

By Diogo Valença de Azevedo Costa, Eliane Veras Soares
November 10, 2023

This book intends to familiarise the reader with the political and sociological thought of Florestan Fernandes, covering the range of his research themes and socialist militancy between the 1940s and 1990s. Considered the founding father of sociology in Brazil, Florestan Fernandes’ work is ...

An Introduction to Pablo González Casanova Intellectual of the Dignified Rebelliousness

An Introduction to Pablo González Casanova: Intellectual of the Dignified Rebelliousness

1st Edition

By Jaime Torres Guillén, Jaime Antonio Preciado Coronado
April 14, 2023

This book is an introduction to Pablo González Casanova, giant of Latin American sociology. It examines his work across history, sociology, political science, and anthropology, exploring in depth his writings on the university, democracy, the new sciences, alternatives to capitalism, the humanities...

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