1st Edition

Classical Competing Risks

By Martin J. Crowder Copyright 2001

    If something can fail, it can often fail in one of several ways and sometimes in more than one way at a time. There is always some cause of failure, and almost always, more than one possible cause. In one sense, then, survival analysis is a lost cause. The methods of Competing Risks have often been neglected in the survival analysis literature.

    Continuous Failure Times and Their Causes. Parametric Likelihood Inference. Latent Failure Times: Probability Distributions. Likelihood Functions for Univariate Survival Data. Discrete Failure Times in Competing Risks. Hazard-Based Methods for Continuous Failure Times. Latent Failure Times: Identifiability Crises. Martingale Counting Processes in Survival Data. Appendices. Bibliography. Index.


    Martin J. Crowder