1st Edition

Classical Concert Studies A Companion to Contemporary Research and Performance

Edited By Martin Tröndle Copyright 2021
    380 Pages 62 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    380 Pages 62 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Classical Concert Studies: A Companion to Contemporary Research and Performance is a landmark publication that maps out a new interdisciplinary field of Concert Studies, offering fresh ways of understanding the classical music concert in the twenty-first century. It brings together essays, research articles, and case studies from scholars and music professionals including musicians, music managers, and concert designers. Gathering both historical and contemporary cases, the contributors draw on approaches from sociology, ethnology, musicology, cultural studies, and other disciplines to create a rich portrait of the classical concert’s past, present, and future.

    Based on two earlier volumes published in German under the title Das Konzert (The Concert), and with a selection of new chapters written for the English edition, this companion enables students, researchers, and practitioners in the classical and contemporary music fields to understand this emerging field of research, go beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries and methodologies, and spark a renaissance for the classical concert.

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    List of contributors

    Concert Studies

    Martin Tröndle and Esther Bishop

    I. The Concert as an Event

    1. A Concert Theory

    Martin Tröndle

    2. Music as Text, Music as Performance

    Nicholas Cook

    3. 4′33": The Concert as a Performative Moment

    Jens Roselt

    4. The Discovery of Listening in the Concert

    Gerhard Schulze

    5. Between Formalization and Exaggeration: An Ethnomusicological Perspective

    Raimund Vogels

    6. Concert Formats: Liturgy—Ritual—Power?

    Elena Ungeheuer

    II. Programs, Formats, and Media

    7. From Program Leaflets to Listening Apps: A Brief History of Guided Listening

    Christian Thorau

    8. Space, Light, Proximity: Aspects of Historical Performance Practice

    Beatrix Borchard

    9. Preludes, Fantasias, and Collages: Improvisation, a Forgotten Art in the Classical Concert

    Maria I. J. Reich

    10. Concert Design: Form Follows Function

    Folkert Uhde

    11. Musical Curator and Concert Director

    Markus Fein

    12. The Yellow Lounge Reinvents the Concert Forum

    David Canisius in conversation with Martin Tröndle

    13. Strategies for the Production of Presence

    Matthias Rebstock

    III. Space—Sound—Instruments

    14. Noise and Sound

    The Historicity and Sociability of the Senses

    Steffen Höhne

    15. From Sound to Noise: The History of Hearing in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

    Peter Payer

    16. The Soundscape of Vienna: Pictorial Essay

    Martin Tröndle

    17. The Cultural Dimensions of Atmospheres: Sociological Observations of the Resonanzraum in Hamburg

    Hanna Katharina Göbel

    18. A Sociological Reflection on the Concert Venue

    Volker Kirchberg

    19. Cinema for the Ears: Technical Developments in Acoustics and Loudspeaker Systems

    Ludger Brümmer

    20. Digital Encore: Virtualization, Live Coding, and New Interfaces

    Dennis Kastrup

    IV. The Audience and the Musicians

    21. Between Audience Decline and Audience Development: Perspectives on the Professional Musician, Music Education, and Cultural Policy

    Heiner Gembris and Jonas Menze

    22. Musical, Social, and Moral Dilemmas: Investigating Audience Motivations to Attend Concerts

    Stephanie Pitts

    23. Studying Music . . . And Then What?

    Esther Bishop

    24. "Playing Concerts Is Not Enough": On the Identity of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen

    Albert Schmitt in conversation with Martin Tröndle

    25. Women in Music Culture: A History of (Non-)Participation?

    Susanne Rode-Breymann

    26. The Konzerthaus Berlin: A Concert Hall in Transition

    Sebastian Nordmann in conversation with Martin Tröndle

    27. Audience Development and Engagement

    Constanze Wimmer

    V. Economy and Policy

    28. The Influence of Economic Variables in the Concert Industry

    Michael Hutter

    29. Roll Over Beethoven . . .: Notes on Concerts under Conditions of the Culture Industry

    Roger Behrens

    30. The Dematerialization of Music: How Streaming Technology Impacts Music Production and Consumption

    Lukas Krohn-Grimberghe

    31. The "New Classic"

    Christian Kellersmann

    32. Actors in the Classical Music Business: A Media Discourse Analysis

    Markus Rhomberg and Martin Tröndle

    VI. Concert Research

    33. A Manifesto of Concert Culture

    Steven Walter

    34. Concerto21: A Didactic Introduction for Concert Development

    Martin Tröndle

    35. The Researching Orchestra: Innovative Collaborations between Symphonic Orchestras and Knowledge Institutions

    Peter Peters, Stefan Rosu, and Ruth Benschop

    36. The Classical Concert as an Object of Empirical Aesthetics

    Christoph Seibert, Jutta Toelle, and Melanie Wald-Fuhrmann



    Martin Tröndle is the WÜRTH Chair of Cultural Production at Zeppelin University, Germany, and a principal investigator of ECR—Experimental Concert Research, a project that investigates aesthetic experience in the classical concert. He is also Co-Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy.