1st Edition

Classical Influences on English Poetry

By J.A.K. Thomson Copyright 1951

    First published in 1951 this book presents a comprehensive account of the classical influences on English poetry with illustrative examples. This is a sequel to Thomson’s book on Classical Background of English Literature. The author brings important themes like Homer and epic tradition in antiquity; Milton and epic tradition in modern times; didactic poetry; lyric poetry; elegiac poetry; satire and comedy; and the epigram. This is an interesting read for students of English literature and general readers interested in English poetry.

    Preface 1. The Epic 2. The Epic Tradition in Antiquity 3. The Epic Tradition in Modern Times: Milton 4. Didactic Poetry 5. Tragedy 6. Comedy 7. Lyric Poetry 8. Elegiac Poetry 9. The Pastoral 10. Satire 11. The Epigram Appendix


    J. A. K. Thomson