1st Edition

Climate Change Five Years after Kyoto

Edited By V Grover Copyright 2004

    The book documents the scientific facts regarding climate change and a brief overview of the key developments in the climate change regime, discussing Kyoto Protocol and beyond. The North-South politics regarding energy markets and the emissions there from, are also discussed in the book. After establishing the scientific base, presenting agreements and policies for climate change in general, and the Kyoto Protocol in particular, the Instruments and Institutions for Kyoto Protocol are reviewed. The rapid and large climate changes can be expected to have far-reaching and, in many instances, unpredictable consequences not only for only for human societies, but also for all forms of life on Earth. For example, a rise global sea level, can threaten coastal cities and settlements throughout the world. The book discusses the impact of climate change and the associated environmental and socio-economic impacts in different parts of the world. The book discussed science and philosophy behind Climate Change and the Kyo

    Introduction to Science
    Policies and Politics: Introduction: Velma I. Grover
    Global Climate Change Regime: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead: Benito Muller
    Kyoto Protocol : Insignificant Impact on Global Emissions: Catherine Hagem et al.
    Climate Negotiations from Rio to Marrakech: An Assessment: Joyeeta Gupta et al.
    Instruments and Institutions of Kyoto Protocol: Kyoto Protocol and Desirable Institutions for Mitigation of Global Warming: Akinobu Yasumoto; Can the Kyoto Goals be achieved using Oceans as Sinks: Paul Johnston et al.
    The Idea of Social Progress and Emissions Trading: Jon Rosales
    Status Report on CO2 Emissions Saving through Improved Energy Use in Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Plants: B. Johnke
    Human Rights: Petitioning for Adverse Impacts of Global Warming in the Inter-American Human Rights System: Donald M. Goldberg and Martin Wagner
    Country Case Studies: Climate Change and Water Resources Management in Semi-Arid Southern Africa: Umoh T. Umoh et al.
    Adaptation to Effects of Climate Change in Southern Africa: Umoh T. Umoh et al.
    Climate Change, Vulnerability, and Adaptation in Bangladesh: Saleemul Huq and K. Moinuddin; Seeking the Middle Ground between More and Less: A Canadian Perspective: Heather A. Smith
    Costa Rica and its Climate Change Policies: 5 Year after Kyoto: Ana V. Rojas
    India and the Climate Convention: The Challenge of Sustainable Development: Joyeeta Gupta
    Indonesia: The Suffering nation: Harry Surjadi
    Trump Card in Kyoto Pact: Russian Federation's Interests & Positions on the Global Climate Change Regime : Natalia Mirovitskaya
    Sri Lanka: It’s Industry and Challenges in the Face of Climate Change: Ajith de Alwis
    Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts Associated to Climate Changes in Brazil: Marcia Marques and William Hogland
    Beyond Kyoto: The Future of Global Climate Change Policy: Developing Country Priorities After Kyoto: Adil Nijam;
    Reclaiming the Atmospheric Commons: Beyond Kyoto: John Byrne et al.


    Grover, V