1st Edition

Climate Change and Journalism Negotiating Rifts of Time

Edited By Henrik Bødker, Hanna E. Morris Copyright 2022
    234 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This edited collection addresses climate change journalism from the perspective of temporality, showcasing how various time scales—from geology, meteorology, politics, journalism, and lived cultures—interact with journalism around the world.

    Analyzing the meetings of and schisms between various temporalities as they emerge from reporting on climate change globally, Climate Change and Journalism: Negotiating Rifts of Time asks how climate change as a temporal process gets inscribed within the temporalities of journalism. The overarching question of climate change journalism and its relationship to temporality is considered through the themes of environmental justice and slow violence, editorial interventions, ecological loss, and political and religious contexts, which are in turn explored through a selection of case studies from the US, France, Thailand, Brazil, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Canada, and the UK.

    This is an insightful resource for students and scholars in the fields of journalism, media studies, environmental communication, and communications generally.

    Foreword: Timescapes of Climate Change: A Challenge for the Media
    Barbara Adam

    1. Climate Change, Journalism, and Time: An Introduction
    Henrik Bødker and Hanna E. Morris

    2. Journalism, Indigenous Knowing, and Climate Futures (and Pasts)
    Candis Callison

    Part I. Editorial Interventions and Temporal (Mis)translations

    3. Advocating for Journalistic Urgency to Include Climate Emergency: The Case of Three Media Collectives
    Chloë Salles

    4. Climate Change News in Spanish-Language Social Media Videos: Format, Content, and Temporality
    Leonor Solís-Rojas

    5. Generational Anxieties in United States Climate Journalism
    Hanna E. Morris

    6. Reproducing Government Politics of Climate Change in Thai News Media
    Duangkaew Dhiensawadkij

    Part II. Ecological Loss 

    7. Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef: Environmental Protest, Climate Science, and New/s Media
    Kerrie Foxwell-Norton and Claire Konkes

    8. Grieving Okjökull: Discourses of the Ok Glacier Funeral
    Catherine J. Bruns

    9. Negotiating Conflicting Temporalities in Canadian Arctic Travel Journalism
    Matthew Tegelberg

    Part III. Temporalities of Politics and Religion

    10. ‘The Amazon is Ours’: The Bolsonaro Government and Deforestation: Narrative Disputes and Dissonant Temporalities
    Juliana Gagliardi, Thaiane Oliveira, Suzana Magalhães, and Hully Falcão

    11. Spiritual Temporalities: Discourses of Faith and Climate Change in Canadian Petro politics
    Darren Fleet

    12. Journalism as Eschatology: Kairos and Reporting a Materially Changing World
    Dominic Hinde

    Afterword: Finding the Stories in the Big Climate Storm
    Mark Schapiro

    List of Contributors


    Henrik Bødker is Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Journalism Studies at the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University (Denmark). He is currently working on issues of circulation and temporality in digital journalism. A monograph entitled Journalism, Time and the Digital—Continuity and Disruption (Routledge) is planned for 2021. He has, among other journals, published in Media History, Critical Studies in Media Communication, Journalism, Journalism Studies, and Digital Journalism.

    Hanna E. Morris is a Ph.D candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania where she is currently finishing her dissertation entitled "Apocalyptic Authoritarianism in the United States: Power, Media, and Climate Crisis." Hanna’s research and writing have been published in various academic journals and popular media outlets including Environmental Communication, Media Theory, Reading The Pictures, and Earth Island Journal.