1st Edition

Climate Denial in American Politics #ClimateBrawl

By Gerald Kutney Copyright 2024
    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    Climate Denial in American Politics is a detailed examination of the rise within American politics of climate denialism, the counter movement which challenges the accepted science of climate change.

    Organized around the administrations of American presidents from Roosevelt to Biden, this book provides an unprecedented account of climate denial within both the White House and Congress, and the ‘climate brawls’ that followed. This volume is a rebuke to discredit the climate denier, their propaganda, and their sources. Gerald Kutney examines the evolution of American political thought on climate change and provides a comprehensive survey and analysis of the sordid history of the propaganda which has promoted climate denial and corrupted politicians in America. He uses direct quotes from primary sources, such as government records, to show the extreme and pervasive nature of anti-science opinions made by political climate deniers and limit any misinterpretation that might result from paraphrasing. Weaving the account of climate denialism in American politics with anecdotes from Kutney’s own decade-long experience of challenging climate deniers on Twitter using #ClimateBrawl, this book provides a valuable insight into the world of climate obstruction.

    Climate Denial in American Politics will be of great interest to students and scholars of climate change, environmental politics and American politics more broadly.

    Introduction 1. Climate Denialism 2. Climate Science in Washington 3. Climate Denialism in Washington 4. The Denial Cabal 5. The Denial Machine Index


    Gerald Kutney is the author of Carbon Politics and the Failure of the Kyoto Protocol. He was an adjunct professor at the University of Northern British Columbia and taught the graduate course “Climate Change & Global Warming,” and he has presented several guest lectures at Carleton University on climate denialism.

    “Gerald Kutney’s book Climate Denial in American Politics: #ClimateBrawl is a valuable handbook for anyone who wants to push back against climate denial online. It explains how to respond to techniques used by climate deniers such as deflection, ad hominem attacks, uncertainty, and one of my personal favourites—sealioning (google it). And importantly, it places the #climatebrawl movement—challenging the propaganda of climate denial—within the broader context of science denial throughout history, dating back to Galileo, Newton, and earlier. Kutney provides vivid history examples from centuries past using techniques that are achingly familiar. It’s an enlightening narrative that sheds light on our current predicament by showing that what we’re experiencing now is nothing new.”

    John Cook, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne and founder of Skeptical Science

    “If you’re looking to understand how climate change became so prominent in American politics, look no further than Gerald Kutney’s authoritative, and engaging primer on the topic, "Climate Denial in American Politics”. Having been on the frontlines of the social media “climate brawl” for years, he provides insights from the frontlines that will help you not only understand where denialism comes from, but how to join in the collective effort to fight back against it.”

    Michael E. Mann, American climatologist and geophysicist, director of the Center for Science, Sustainability & the Media at the University of Pennsylvania

    "The author has done the world a true service in tracking the history of climate denialism; this is an ignominious record of vested interest and folly that needs preserving."

    Bill McKibben, educator and environmentalist

     “Kutney’s book is a thoroughly researched documentation of the public battle over climate change and climate denial. Kutney is in the trenches of the debate, so his perspective is unique and valuable.”

    Andrew DesslerProfessor of Atmospheric Sciences and holder of the Reta A. Haynes Chair in Geoscience at Texas A&M University, Director of the Texas Center for Climate Studies

    “Stoking the Fire of Climate Denial Propaganda @GeraldKutney's book provides a fascinating well researched, in-depth timeline of the How's & Who's Who of ‘Climate Denial In American Politics.’ A must read for considering where to place your 2024 Presidential Election vote & a must read for anyone interested in understanding why... 32 years after The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Treaty was signed by 154 countries in 1992... the most powerful country in the world has yet to become an exemplary Anthropogenic #GlobalWarming counter measure leader.”

    Linda Crane, Environmental Activist

    "The climate denial serpent lives, even as climate change emerges. Kutney rightly thrashes the serpent, for the sake of us all, especially young people.”

    James Hansen, Director of Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions program in the Columbia University Earth Institute

    "I know very little of American Politics, but I know quite a lot about Climate Denialism. The Green Party has experienced such attacks on our policies for 50 years and although it has varied in tone and content, it is always illogical misinformation. We are fighting fears – change is very challenging and frightening - and greed – because we must change our ways to run the economy to consume less, but fear and greed are no reason to let ignorance win and our beautiful planet burn. In his book Gerald outlines the history of Denialism, explains the origin of his bat call ‘Climate Brawl’, recounts the American ‘contrarian’ campaign to deny Climate Change, exposes the dangerous role that Twitter (or X) plays in its spread and reveals the power of the denial machine of the energy-industrial complex. I have watched Gerald in awe for years while he bats away Climate Deniers and this book will help us all to do the same.”

    Jenny, Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, Green Party, House of Lords UK

    “Thanks to Gerald Kutney for this well-researched and timely take-down of the many ways pro-fossil fuel propaganda muddies climate action. Climate Brawl it is and it's not pretty. The book gives you the tools to take it on in the toxic world of social media!”

    Elizabeth May, O.C., MP, Leader Green Party of Canada

    “There are many people, and organisations, who have done the world a great disservice through actively opposing efforts to address the impacts of climate change. Gerald Kutney’s book is an excellent resource for those interested in understanding the history and impact of science denial, with a particular focus on climate science denial.”

    Ken Rice, Professor of Computational Astrophysics, University of Edinburgh, and Skeptical Science Board member