1st Edition

Clinical Andrology
EAU/ESAU Course Guidelines

ISBN 9781841846804
Published June 3, 2010 by CRC Press
444 Pages

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Book Description

This reference work on andrology begins with a discussion of male infertility. It discusses genetic causes, conventional treatment, non-surgical methods for sperm retrieval, and assisted reproduction techniques. It also covers andrological endocrinology with chapters on clinical investigation and laboratory analysis in male hypogonadism, as well as testosterone deficiency syndrome. Additional topics include urogentical infections and STDs, erectile dysfunction, psychological abnormalities of male sexual function, and reproductive cancers. The book emphasizes contemporary concern for evidence-based practice, minimizing interventions, and promoting male reproductive health.

Table of Contents

Defining male factor infertility Dimitrios A. Adamopoulos, Giorgios Mitios, and Stamatina S. Nicopoulou
Clinical investigation of the infertile male Gert R. Dohle
The female factor Lynne Robinson and Masoud Afnan
Basic semen analysis and laboratory quality for clinicians Lars Björndahl
Genetic causes of male infertility and their impact on future generations Csilla Krausz
Conventional treatment of the male in infertile couples Herman Tournaye and Aleksander Giwercman
Nonsurgical methods for sperm retrieval in patients with anejaculation and retrograde ejaculation Axel Kamischke
Sperm preparation for ART and IUI Kersti Lundin
Intrauterine insemination for male subfertility Astrid E. P. Cantineau and Ben J. Cohlen
IVF and ICSI for treating male infertility Herman Tournaye
Surgery for male infertility: surgical treatment of obstructive azoospermia Laurent Vaucher and Peter N. Schlegel
Surgery for male infertility: surgical sperm retrievals Giovanni M. Colpi, Guido Piediferro, Fabrizio I. Scroppo, Elisabetta M. Colpi, and Patrizia Sulpizio
Surgery for male infertility—varicocelectomy and its alternatives Howard H. Kim and Marc Goldstein
Assisted reproduction with surgically retrieved sperm Valérie Vernaeve and Herman Tournaye
Therapeutic sperm cryopreservation Mathew Tomlinson
Testicular tissue for ICSI Greta Verheyen
Donor insemination: Past, present, and future challenges Vanessa J. Kay and Christopher L. R. Barratt
Male contraception Ahmed Mahmoud and Guy T’Sjoen
Prevention of male infertility: Environmental and systemic disease effects on male fertility Jens Peter Bonde and Jorma Toppari
Infertility and testis cancer Patrick de Geeter and Peter Albers
Male aging and reproduction Sabine Kliesch

Sex steroids in men: Biosynthesis, transport, metabolism, interaction with receptors, and cellular (Genomic and Nongenomic) and biological actions Jemima Gaytant, Katrien Venken, and Dirk Vanderschueren
Gonadotropins and gonadotropin receptors Ilpo Huhtaniemi and Maria Alevizaki
Androgen effects in reproductive and nonreproductive organs Michael Zitzmann
Clinical aspects of male sex differentiation
Johan Svensson and Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman
Disturbances in male pubertal development Olle Söder
Clinical investigation and laboratory analyses in male hypogonadism Gianni Forti, Giovanni Corona, and Mario Maggi
Testosterone deficiency syndrome Stefan Arver
Androgen replacement—indications and principles Fotios Dimitriadis, Evlalia Vlachopoulou, Stavros Gratsias, Dimitrios Baltogiannis, Dimitrios Giannakis, Panagiota Tsounapi, Michael Rimikis, Nikolaos Pardalidis, Takeshi Watanabe, Motoaki Saito, Ikuo Miyagawa, and Nikolaos Sofikitis
Androgen deficiency in cancer-treated men Jakob Eberhard, Patrik Romerius, and Aleksander Giwercman
Gynecomastia Niels Jørgensen, Niels Kroman, Jens-Jørgen Elberg, and Anders Juul

Male infertility in chronic urogenital infections and inflammation with special reference to ejaculate findings Wolfgang Weidner, Thorsten Diemer, and Florian M. E. Wagenlehner
Inflammatory parameters of the ejaculate Zsolt Kopa and Mihály Berényi
Sperm morphology in male urogenital tract infections Roelof Menkveld
Immunological aspects of male accessory gland infection Luciano Adorini, Mario Maggi, and Mauro Gacci
ROS and DNA integrity—implications of male accessory gland infections Ralf Henkel

Hematospermia (Hemospermia) Nadja Engel and Hubert John
Prostatic disease and male sexual dysfunction Francesco Montorsi
Sexual dysfunction and the prostate: andrological implications of PCa, BPH, and prostatitis 345
Wolfgang Weidner and Richard Berges
Psychological abnormalities of male sexual function Emmanuele A. Jannini and Andrea Lenzi
Ejaculatory disorders Nancy L. Brackett, Charles M. Lynne, Dana A. Ohl, and Jens Sønksen
Diagnostic management of erectile function—clinical andrology Chi-Ying Li, Giulio Garaffa, and David J. Ralph
Conservative treatment of erectile dysfunction Thomas C. Stadler, Uwe Hartmann, Armin J. Becker, and Christian G. Stief
Surgery for erectile dysfunction Levent Gurkan, Mathew C. Raynor, and Wayne J. G. Hellstrom
Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature Ekkehard W. Hauck, Thorsten Diemer, and Wolfgang Weidner
Female-to-male transsexualism Carlo Bettocchi, Fabrizio Palumbo, and David J. Ralph
Male-to-female transsexualism Vincenzo G. Mirone, Ciro Imbimbo, Paolo Verze, and Davide Arcaniolo
Priapism Emre Akkus


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