1st Edition

Clinical Implications of Attachment

Edited By Jay Belsky, Teresa M. Nezworski Copyright 1988
    448 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First published in 1987. This study records findings of a study group set up to explore a variety of issues related to attachment, including the predictive utility of Strange Situation assessments, the conditions under which insecurity is related to subsequent difficulties, the origins of individual differences in attachment security, and intervention strategies that might prove useful in ameliorating the developmental risks that appeared to be associated with insecure attachment relationships

    Contents: Part I:General Issues. J. Belsky, T. Nezworski, Clinical Implications of Attachments. L.A. Sroufe, The Role of Infant-Caregiver Attachment Development. Part II:Determinants of Attachment Security and Insecurity. J. Belsky, R. Isabella, Maternal, Infant, and Social-Contextual Determinant Attachment Security. S.J. Spieker, C.L. Booth, Maternal Antecedents of Attachment Quality. P.M. Crittenden, Relationships at Risk. Part III:Consequences of Attachment Security and Insecurity. M.T. Greenberg, M.L. Speltz, Attachment and the Ontogeny of Conduct Problems. K.H. Rubin, S.P. Lollis, Origins and Consequences of Social Withdrawal. J.E. Bates, K. Bayles, Attachment and the Development of Behavior Problems. J. Cassidy, R.R. Kobak, Avoidance and Its Relations to Other Defensive Processes. A.F. Lieberman,J.H. Pawl, Clinical Applications of Attachment Theory. T. Nezworski, W.J. Tolan, J. Belsky, Intervention in Secure Infant Attachment. S.I. Greenspan, A.F. Lieberman, A Clinical Approach to Attachment.


    Edited by Jay Belsky The Pennsylvania State University, Teresa Nezworski University of California, Santa Barbara.

    "This edited volume....survey(s) the evidence on the antecedents and consequences of variations in patterns of attachment in order to draw inferences on clinical implications. It serves the purpose well,....and anyone interested in early abnormalities of social development will find this book a most useful source of ideas and findings."
    Personalities and Individual Differences