Clinical Management of Sex Addiction  book cover
2nd Edition

Clinical Management of Sex Addiction

ISBN 9781138800830
Published December 2, 2019 by Routledge
560 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Clinical Management of Sex Addiction’s newest edition updates many of the original chapters from 28 leaders in the field with new findings and treatment methods in the field of sex addiction.

With a growing awareness of sex addiction as a problem, plus the advent of cybersex compulsion, professional clinicians are being confronted with sexual compulsion with little clinical or academic preparation. This is the first book distilling the experience of the leaders in this emerging field. It additionally provides new chapters on emerging areas of interest, including partner counseling, trauma and sexual addiction, and adolescent sex addiction.

With a focus on special populations, the book creates a current and coherent reference for the therapist who faces quickly escalating new constellations of addictive sexual behavior. Readable, concise and filled with useful interventions, it is a key text for professionals new to the field and a classic reference for all clinicians who treat sex addiction.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Revised Edition; Section I: The Early Stages; 1. Managing the First Session; 2. The Sexual Addiction Screening Process; 3. Efficiency and Accuracy of the SAST-R and the PATHOS Protocol in Screening for Potential Sex Addiction Cases in a Large, Non-Clinical, Online Sample; 4. Clinical Management of Defense Mechanisms in Sex Addiction; 5. Clinical Guidelines for Working with the Spouse in a Marriage Impacted by Sex Addiction: A Relational Understanding and Approach; 6. A Collaborative Model for Couples in Sex Addiction Recovery; Section II: Treatment and Therapy; 7. Shame Reduction, Affect Regulation, and Sexual Boundary Development; 8. Damaged Development of the Human Affectional Systems and Developmentally Based Psychotherapy for Sexual Compulsivity; 9. How a Little Neurobiology Lets Us Identify and Treat Sex Addiction; 10. Clinical Boundary Issues with Sexually Addicted Clients; 11. Integrating 12-step Recovery in Clinical Treatment of Sex Addiction: A Practical Guide for the Clinician; 12. Integrating the 12 Steps in Couple’s Recovery from Sexual Addiction; 13. Disclosure of Extra-relational Sexual Activities by Persons With Sexual Addiction: Initial Disclosure, Disclosure of Relapse, and Impact on the Relationship, Partner and Children; Section III: Special Populations; 14. Children of Sex Addicts: The Forgotten Victims; 15. Cybersex Addiction: Anticipating the Tsunami; 16. Art Therapy; 17. The Value of Group Psychotherapy for Sexual Addicts; 18. Psychopharmacologic Intervention Sex Addiction: A Psychiatrist’s Perspective on the Diagnosis, Neuroscientific Theories and Treatment; 19. Making Advances: Treating Female Sex and Love Addicts; 20. Dysfunctional Sexual Behavior In Borderline Women: Impulsive Sexual Acting-Out Or Sexual Addiction/Compulsivity? ; 21. Pastors and Sex Addiction; 22. Addiction in Health-Care Providers ; 23. The Homeless and Sex Addiction; 24. Treatment Concerns for Gay Male Sex Addicts (2015 Edition) ; 25. The Sex Addicted Adolescent Client; Section IV: Clinical Practice and Resources; 26. The Treatment of Sex Offenders Using a Task Centered Approach  27.Sex Addiction as a Disease: Evidence for Assessment, Diagnosis and Response to Critics; 28. Long-term Management of Sex Addiction

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Patrick J. Carnes, PhD, is author of more than 20 books on addiction and recovery. He is the founding architect of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals, and the Gentle Path and Willow House programs for sexual and trauma disorders. He served as visiting professor of Brain Science at the University of Alberta Medical School and Fulbright Scholar focusing on genotypes in sex addiction.

Kenneth M. Adams, PhD, CSAT-S, is a licensed psychologist, faculty member with the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals and founder/clinical director of Kenneth M. Adams and Associates in Michigan. He and has written numerous peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, and he is the author of Silently Seduced and When He’s Married to Mom.


"This latest edition of Clinical Management incorporates a current understanding of addiction neuroscience with the vast experience of clinicians who understand that human sexuality can be a wonderful garnish to life, or a demanding tyrant. It represents a state-of-the art description of how enlightened professionals can help their clients reclaim their lives."
Donald L. Hilton Jr., MD, FAANS, FACS 

"In this extraordinary new edition, Carnes and Adams compile a trailblazing work on the importance of understanding sexual addiction from all conceivable angles ranging from the impact of early childhood attachment strategies to treatment protocols. Replete with the latest scientific findings, this outstanding work combines research with clinical practice, making this book both a practical and intellectually stimulating guide." 
Alexandra Katehakis, author of Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation: A Neurobiologically Informed Holistic Treatment

"The new edition of Clinical Management continues to be a brilliant, groundbreaking and  vital resource to anyone who wants to understand the clinical management and research issues associated with sexual compulsivity and addictions. I can’t recommend it highly enough."
Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD

"This book is an up-to-date, historical look at the development of the field of sex addiction. It is a useful tool for therapists, training programs, sex addicts and partners of sex addicts. Stefanie Carnes addresses the challenges of children of sex addicts - a neglected area in most of our literature and presentations. As a minister/therapist, I appreciate the chapter on pastors by Mark Laaser and Ken Adams. Thanks to Ken McGill for the chapter on 'The Homeless and Sex Addiction.' This book integrates major facets for our sex addiction treatment world and is a 'must read.'"
Ralph H. Earle, PhD, ABPP, CSAT

"With this revised edition, Carnes and Adams, masters of their craft, bring together renowned experts and scholars in the sex addiction treatment field and bring this classic clinical text into a new era. Richly grounded in the science of addiction, this text is a must-have for the library of the therapist who treats addiction of any type."
Craig S. Cashwell, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS, CSAT-S