1st Edition

Clinical Neuropsychology Theoretical Foundations for Practitioners

Edited By Mark E. Maruish, James A. Moses Copyright 1997

    With the emergence of clinical neuropsychology as one of the fastest growing specialties in psychology comes the need for current and future practitioners to stay abreast of the most recent research. A number of professional journals more than adequately meet this need. But, there is also a need to stay up to date on the current thinking about important problems. Drawing upon the expertise of leaders in the field, the editors' intent in this book was to provide the practitioner with a source for discussions of topics that are vital to their ongoing development as clinical neuropsychologists but that generally are not addressed in the literature to any great degree.

    Contents: M.J. Meier, The Establishment of Clinical Neuropsychology as a Psychological Specialty. J.E. Shuren, Interdisciplinary Relationships: Behavioral Neurology. F.J. Friedrich, S.D. Rader, Component Process Analysis in Experimental and Clinical Neuropsychology. D.A. Pritchard, Forensic Neuropsychology. L.I. Cripe, Personality Assessment of Brain-Impaired Patients. G.G. Kay, V.N. Starbuck, Computerized Neuropsychological Assessment. E.D. Bigler, S.S. Porter, C.M. Lowry, Neuroimaging: Interface With Clinical Neuropsychology. P. Klonoff, D.G. Lamb, D.A. Chiapelli, S. Kime, J. Shepherd, M. CunninghamCognitive Retraining in a Milieu-Oriented Outpatient Rehabilitation Program. B.K. Schefft, J.F. Malec, B.K. Lehr, F.H. Kanfer, The Role of Self-Regulation Therapy With the Brain-Injured Patient. G. Goldstein, The Etiology of Mental Illness. J.G. Csernanky, K.J. Black, W.O. Faustman, The Interface Between Standard Psychiatric and Neuropsychological Diagnosis. C.R. Reynolds, E.M. James, Development of Neuropsychological Measures. K.R. Krull, R.L. Adams, Problems in Neuropsychological Research Methodology.


    Mark E. Maruish, James A. Moses

    "The chapters are routinely better than average in style and content and, at times, superior....Clinical Neuropsychology is a well thought-out and timely text. There are very few neuropsychologists who would not find something of value among its chapters."
    Journal of International Neuropsychological Society

    "Without exception, each chapter in the volume provides a thoughtful and up-to-date analysis of the area it covers...[this volume] fills a clear need at this stage of development of the field. It is a valuable asset that will be welcomed by clinicians and researchers alike."
    Arthur Benton
    from the Foreword