1st Edition

Clinical Neuropsychology and Cost Outcome Research A Beginning

Edited By George Prigatano, Neil Pliskin Copyright 2003
    524 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    512 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Neuropsychologists are being increasingly called upon to demonstrate the value of their services. This edited book introduces clinical neuropsychologists to the concepts and challenges involved in conducting cost outcome research. It provides examples of how such research can be conducted within clinical neuropsychology and therefore is a "beginning" step in what must become an interdisciplinary effort. The text suggests that more than cost effectiveness studies should be considered when demonstrating the clinical utility of neuropsychological services. The concept of "objective" and "subjective" markers of value is emphasized, particularly as it relates to measuring the impact of a neuropsychological examination. Chapters review the economic burdens associated with different neurological conditions commonly seen by neuropsychologists. They also provide examples of how clinical neuropsychological services to different patient populations may reduce "costs" and increase "benefits" and suggest directions for beginning cost outcome research. Furthermore, the book summarizes the utility of various neuropsychological services that may be helpful to readers concerned with healthcare economies. The book is intended as a resource for clinical neuropsychologists who wish to explain to healthcare providers the value of their work. It is the first book of the National Academy of Neuropsychology book series entitled: Neuropsychology: Scientific Bases and Clinical Application.

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    George R PrigatanoNeil H Pliskin,

    "It is uncontestable that this book is without peer. The economic content breaks new ground and in doing so appropriately raises expectations that our clinical services can be shown to produce demonstrable positive cost outcomes. This publication could not be more timely." -- Jerry Sweet, PhD. ABPP, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare and Northwestern University Medical School
    "George Prigatano has a knack for focusing on critical professional issues before others recognize their importance. In Clinical Neuropsychology and Cost Outcome Research, Dr. Prigatano has again demonstrated his ability to provide insight into topics changing psychology. By examining the value of neuropsychology, Prigatano and colleagues squarely address the most important challenging issue for the profession. The text provides psychologists with the information needed to join the dialogue on reimbursement as knowledgeable participants and will launch a plethora of other reviews on the value of psychology services. Prigatano's informative volume will set the standard by which others are measured." -- Robert G. Frank, PhD, University of Florida