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    by CRC Press

    The fourth edition of Clinical Nuclear Medicine highlights the continued growth in clinical applications for PET and other aspects of molecular imaging. With its problem-oriented clinical approach, the book presents relevant topics of current importance to the practicing clinician rather than providing a comprehensive review of all technical and basic science aspects.

    An initial section covers the broad principles and scope of important areas that are considered to have impacted more significantly on current and future clinical practice since the last edition. The second section covers all the clinical systems where nuclear medicine helps current clinical practice, while a third section covers a number of relevant technical topics.

    SECTION A: CLINICAL TOPICS 1. Molecular imaging 2. Principles of radionuclide therapy 3. The imaging of infection and inflammation 4. Pediatric imaging 5. Sentinel lymph node imaging in clinical nuclear medicine SECTION B: CLINICAL SYSTEMS 6. Functional imaging of cardiac disease 7. Radionuclide imaging in thoracic disease 8. Renal radionuclide studies 9. Musculoskeletal radionuclide imaging 10. Neuroimaging 11. Head and neck disease 12. Endocrine disease 13. The Breast and genital disease 14. The gastrointestinal tract 15. Hepatobiliary disease: Primary and metastatic liver tumors 16. Hematological, reticuloendothelial and lymphatic disorders 17. Radionuclide therapy SECTION C: TECHNICAL TOPICS 18. Pitfalls and artifacts in 18F-FDG PET and PET/CT imaging 19. Diagnostic accuracy and cost-effectiveness issues 20. Radiopharmaceuticals 21. Technology and instrumentation


    Gary JR Cook MBBS MSc MD FRCP FRCR is Consultant in Nuclear Medicine, Department of Nuclear Medicine, The Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton, UK Jane AE Dutton MB BS MSc FRCR is University Lecturer in Radionuclide Radiology and Honarary Consultant in Nuclear Medicine, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, UK