2nd Edition

Clinical Pain Management : Chronic Pain

    728 Pages 93 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The second edition of Chronic Pain now covers a vast scientific and clinical arena, with the scientific background and therapeutic options much expanded. In common with the other titles comprising Clinical Pain Management, the volume gathers together the available evidence-based information in a reader-friendly format without unnecessary detail, and is divided into three parts.

    The broad coverage under Part One encompasses basic science, including applied physiology, genetics and epidemiology, through societal aspects of chronic pain and disability, to patient assessment, diagnostic procedures and outcome measures.

    Part Two considers the different therapies available, including pharmacological, psychological, behavioural, interventional and alternative.

    In Part Three specific and non-specific pain syndromes and their management are described, including pain in neurological disease, in HIV and AIDS patients, and after surgery or spinal cord injury, regional pain in the head, face, neck, back, joints, chest, abdomen and pelvis, and issues related to pain in children, the elderly and in association with substance misuse.

    1 Applied physiology: neuropathic pain - Victoria CJ Wallace and Andrew SC Rice
    2 Applied physiology: persistent musculoskeletal pain - Hans-Georg Schaible
    3 Applied physiology: persistent visceral pain - Timothy J Ness
    4 Genetics of chronic pain: crucial concepts in genetics and research tools to understand the molecular biology of pain and analgesia - Bradley E Aouizerat and Christine A Miaskowski
    5 Epidemiology of chronic pain: classical to molecular approaches to understanding the epidemiology of pain - Cielito Reyes-Gibby, Isabel Torres and Roy Croock
    6 The economics of chronic pain - Ceri J Phillips
    7 The challenges of chronic pain and suffering - David B Morris and Peter R Wilson
    8 Pain in society: ethical and legal perspectives - Ben A Rich
    9 Chronic pain, impairment, and disability - Robert J Gatchel and Nancy D Kishino
    10 The psychological assessment of pain in patients with chronic pain - Allen H Lebovits
    11 Assessment of the patient with neuropathic pain - Hanne Gottrup
    12 Diagnostic procedures in chronic pain - Nikolai Bogduk
    13 Psychological effects of chronic pain: an overview - Lance M McCracken
    14 Outcome measurement in chronic pain - Tim Johnson
    15 The use of NSAIDs and paracetamol (acetaminophen) in chronic pain - John Hughes and K Riaz Khan
    16 Opioids and chronic noncancer pain - C Roger Goucke and Eric J Visser
    17 Topical analgesics for neuropathic pain - Charles E Argoff and K Riaz Khan
    18 Chronic pain and depression - W Michael Hooten
    19 Antiepileptic and antiarrhythmic agents - Turo J Nurmikko
    20 Neurostimulation techniques - Marc A Huntoon
    21 Spinal administration - Kate Grady and Jon Raphael
    22 Cognitive-behaviour therapy for chronic pain in adults - Stephen Morley and Christopher Eccleston
    23 Evaluation of alternative and complementary therapies - Miles J Belgrade and Cassandra D Schamber
    24 Pain in neurological disease - Paul R Nandi
    25 Peripheral neuropathies - Ravikiran Shenoy, Katherine Roberts and Praveen Anand
    26 HIV and AIDS - Sarah Cox and Andrew SC Rice
    27 Complex regional pain syndromes - Peter R Wilson
    28 Central neuropathic pain: syndromes, pathophysiology, and treatments - James C Watson
    29 Spinal cord injury - Philip J Siddall and Paul J Wrigley
    30 Chronic pain after surgery - William Macrae and Julie Bruce
    31 Postamputation pain - Lone Nikolajsen and Signe Koch
    32 Herpes zoster pain including shingles and postherpetic neuralgia - Robert W Johnson
    33 Management of painful spasticity - Barry Rawicki
    34 Headache - Peer Tfelt-Hansen and Rigmor Jensen
    35 Facial pain - Peter Svensson and Lene Baad-Hansen
    36 Neck pain and whiplash - Nikolai Bogduk
    37 Chronic back pain - Randy A Shelerud
    38 Chronic joint pain - Tanya Baqai, Ali Jawad and Bruce Kidd
    39 Therapies for chronic chest pain - Ivan N Ramos-Galvez and Glyn R Towlerton
    40 Chronic abdominal, groin and perineal pain of visceral origin - Timothy J Ness
    41 Chronic pelvic pain - Andrea J Rapkin and Monica Lee
    42 Fibromyalgia and myofascial pain: mechanisms to management - Serena F Carville and Ernest H Choy
    43 Psychiatric diagnosis and chronic pain - Stephen P Tyrer
    44 Chronic pain in children - Navil F Sethna, Alyssa Lebel and Lisa Scharff
    45 Principles of chronic pain therapy in elderly patients - John Hughes and Chris Dodds
    46 Pain management and substance misuse - Cathy Stannard


    Peter R Wilson, Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Rochester, USA

    Paul J Watson, Professor of Pain Management and Rehabilitation, Department of Health Sciences, Academic Unit, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK

    Jennifer A Haythornthwaite, Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, USA

    Troels S Jensen, Professor, Experimental and Clinical Pain Research, Department of Neurology and Danish Pain Research Center, Aarhus University, Denmark