Clinical Papers and Essays on Psychoanalysis  book cover
1st Edition

Clinical Papers and Essays on Psychoanalysis

ISBN 9780367322793
Published May 7, 2019 by Routledge
338 Pages

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Book Description

This book is a collection of the works of Dr. Karl Abraham's writings. It covers the sexual trauma in childhood for the symptomatology of dementia praecox, the significance of intermarriage between close relatives in the psychology of the neuroses, psycho-analysis, and a study in folk-psychology.

Table of Contents

Preface -- Introduction -- Clinical Papers -- On the Significance of Sexual Trauma in Childhood for the Symptomatology of Dementia Praecox (1907) -- The Significance of Intermarriage Between Close Relatives in the Psychology of the neuroses (1909) -- Observations of the Cult of the Mother and its Symbolism in Individual and Folk Psychology (1911) -- On the Determining Power of Names (1911) -- Should Patients Write Down Their Dreams? (1913) -- A Screen-Memory Concerning a Child-Hood Event of Apparently Aetiological Significance (1913) -- On the Psychogenesis of Agoraphobia in Childhood (1913) -- Some Remarks on the Role of Grand-Parents in the Psychology of Neuroses (1913) -- On Neurotic Exogamy: A Contribution to the Similarities in the Psychic Life of Neurotics and of Primitive Man(1913) -- A Contribution Towards the Understanding of the Suggestive Effect of Medicine in the Neuroses (1914) -- Some Illustrations on the Emotional Relationship of Little Girls Towards Their Parents (1917) -- Some Remarks on Ferenczi’s Paper on ‘Sunday Neuroses’ (1919) -- Two Mistakes of a Hebephrenic Patient (1921) -- Psycho-Analysis and the War neuroses (1921) -- The Rescue and Murder of the Father in Neurotic Phantasy-Formations (1922) -- Mistakes with an Over-Compensating Tendency (1922) -- An Octogenarian’s Mistake (1922) -- Two Contributions to the Study of Symbols (1923) -- Psycho-Analytical Views on Some Characteristics of Early Infantile Thinking (1923) -- Psycho-Analysis and Gynaecology (1925) -- Concurrent Phantasies in Mother and Son (1925) -- Review of C. G. Jung’s Versuch Einer Darstellung Der Psycho Analytischen Theorie (Attempt at a Representation of Psycho-Analytical Theory) (1914) -- The Cultural Significance of Psycho-Analysis (1920) -- The Day of Atonement -- Essays -- Dreams and Myths -- The Subject-Matter and Theory of Freudian Psycho-analysis -- Childhood Phantasies in Dreams and Myths. The Application of the Wish-fulfilment Theory to Myths -- Symbolism in Language, in Dreams, and in other Phantasy-Formations -- The Analysis of the Prometheus Myth -- Infantile Traits in Individual and Folk Psychology. Wish-fulfilment in Dreams and Myths -- The Effects of Censorship in Dreams and Myths. The Process of Condensation -- Displacement and Secondary Elaboration in Dreams and Myths -- The Effects of the Process of Displacement in the Myths of Prometheus, Moses and Samson -- The Means of Representation in the Myth -- Wish-fulfilment in the Prometheus Myth -- The Analysis of the Myth of the Descent of Nectar -- The Wish-fulfilment Theory of the Myth -- Determinism in the Psychic Life of the Individual and the Community -- Giovanni Segantini: A Psycho-Analytical Study (1911) -- Amenhotep IV: A Psycho-Analytical Contribution Towards the Understanding of his personality and of the Monotheistic Cult of Aton (1912) -- The History of an Impostor in the Light of Psycho-Analytical Knowledge (1925) -- Psycho-Analytical Notes on Coué’s System of Self-Mastery (1925)

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Abraham, Karl