1st Edition

Clinical Photomedicine

By H. W. Lim Copyright 1993

    Offering broad coverage of the basic, clinical and curative aspects of photomedicine, this reference reflects the expansion of knowledge on the effects of light on normal skin as well as photosensitivity disorders and the use of light in treating various diseases and conditions.

    Part 1 Introduction: basic principles in photomedicine and photochemistry, Irene E. Kochevar; optics of the skin, R. Rox Anderson; light sources in photomedicine, Thomas F. Anderson; pharmacology of therapeutic agents in photomedicine, Ira C. Davis et al. Part 2 Effects of light on normal skin: acute effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin, Nicholas A. Soter; photoaging, Barbara A. Gilchrest and Gary S. Rogers; skin cancer, Robin Marks and Arthur J. Sober. Part 3 Effects of light on the immune system: photoimmunology - effects of ultraviolet B radiation on cutaneous photocarcinogenesis and allergic contact sensitivity, Ponciano D. Cruz Jr and Paul R. Bergstresser. Part 4 Photosensitivity diseases: general introduction - evaluation of the photosensitive patient, Thomas Meola et al; idiopathic photodermatoses - polymorphous light eruption, Herbert Hoenigsmann, solar urticaria, Takeshi Horio, chronic actinic dermatitis, John Hawk and Wai-Kwong Cheong; photodermatoses secondary to exogenous agents - cutaneous phototoxicity, Craig A. Elmets, photoallergy, Vincent A. De Leo; photodermatoses secondary to endogenous agents - the porphyrias, Henry W. Lim and Shigeru Sassa; miscellaneous photodermatoses - photoexacerbated dermatoses, Mary Ruth Buchness. Part 5 Photoprotection: topical and systemic photoprotection of human skin against solar radiation, Madhu A. Pathak; light as therapeutic agent - phototherapy with ultraviolet B, Serge A. Coopman and Robert S. Stern, photochemotherapy, Warwick L. Morison, extracorporeal photopheresis - principles and practice, Alain L. Rook et al, lasers in photomedicine, Roy G. Geronemus and Robin Ashinoff, photodynamic therapy, Allan R. Oseroff.


    Lim, H.W.

    ". . .the clear organization and the abundance of simple tables in this book make it exellent for one-stop photoshopping. "
    ---Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology