1st Edition

Clinical Psychology The Study of Personality and Behavior

Edited By Sol L. Garfield Copyright 1974
    472 Pages
    by Routledge

    468 Pages
    by Routledge

    Interest in clinical psychology has been growing as indicated by large numbers of undergraduates applying for admission to graduate programs and the professional degrees granted. This book is written for anyone with a strong interest in clinical psychology, but also provides a comprehensive and realistic view of the field.

    The book, therefore, can serve as a reference for courses in clinical psychology, but it will be relevant to courses in personality and personal counseling. Professional clinical psychologists and members of related professions may also find the book valuable because Garfield describes important historical developments that have helped to shape the field, the roles and functions of the clinical psychologist, their training programs, and contemporary issues and problems. The text also describes the theoretical models that guide the work of the clinical psychologist and upon which the divergent approaches to clinical work are based. Changes in the functions of the clinical psychologist are reflected in the greater emphasis on psychotherapeutic and behavior change methods and in the correspondingly reduced emphasis on diagnostic testing procedures--a development discernible in the decline in studies of high quality bearing on diagnostic issues.

    This book provides a reliable source of information for the individual who contemplates a professional career as a clinical psychologist and seeks to learn what the profession encompasses.

    1: Introduction and Historical Development; 2: Personality and Behavior Theories; 3: Diagnosis and Personality Assessment; 4: The Clinical Interview and the Gase Study; 5: Psychological Tests and the Appraisal of Intellectual Functioning; 6: Personality Appraisal; 7: Other Diagnostic and Assessment Techniques; 8: The Psychotherapeutic Function; 9: Variations in Psychotherapy; 10: Variations in Psychotherapy; 11: Behavioral Therapies; 12: Group Psychotherapy, Play Therapy, and Other Therapies; 13: Research in Clinical Psychology; 14: Community Psychology and Mental Health; 15: Professional Problems and Development


    Max Gluckman