1st Edition

Clinical Psychology as Science and Profession

By David Shakow Copyright 1969
    362 Pages
    by Routledge

    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    One man alone cannot construct an entire profession, but David Shakow is one of the architects responsible for shaping clinical psychology into the profession it is today. Reflecting the ideas of a man whose name is synonymous with the field, this volume brings together for the first time his most significant papers in this area and presents a comprehensive, far-reaching overview of clinical psychology addressed to all of its professionals and students.

    Dr. Shakow's forty years of influence as a clinician, training program administrator, professor, researcher, and public servant are profoundly reflected in these papers. They offer insight into the work and world of the clinician, the nature of training programs, the history and development of the profession, and the relationship between clinical psychology and other disciplines. Not simply a descriptive record of one man's achievements, the thinking mirrored in this volume is pertinent, even crucial, to the future development of the field.

    The author's persistent and continuing concern for top quality in training and practice pervades these essays, making them a unified chronicle of the professional growth of clinical psychology and of a master professional's ideas and involvements with the problems and issues in his field. No clinician or student can fully understand the nature of the field, how it came to be, and where it is going, without reading this volume.

    Preface, Part I. History and Functions, 1. Clinical Psychology: An Evaluation [1948], 2. Clinical Psychology [1952], 3· Clinical Psychology [1968], 4· The Functions of the Psychologist in the State Hospital [1939], 5· Administration of Psychological Services in Institutions for the Mentally Disordered and Mentally Retarded [1950], 6. The Psychologist in the Clinic Setting [1948], 7· The Role of the Psychologist [1965], Part II. Training Objectives and Programs, 8. An Internship Year for Psychologists [1938], 9. The Training of the Clinical Psychologist [1942], 1O. The Worcester Internship Program [1946], 11. Recommended Graduate Training Program in Clinical Psychology [1947], 12. Problems in the Clinical Training of the Clinical Psychologist [1950], 13. The Improvement of Practicum Training and Facilities [1957], 14. Seventeen Years Later: Clinical Psychology in the Light of the 1947 CTCP Report [1965], 15. Thoughts Second and Sober on Education in Clinical Psychology [1969], 16. Homo Scientius et Homo Professionalis-Sempervirens? [1968], Part III. Liaison with Other Professions, 17. Psychology and Psychiatry: A Dialogue [1949], 18. One Hundred Years of American Psychiatry, A Special Review [1945], 19. Some Aspects of Mid-Century Psychiatry: Experimental Psychology [1953], 20. Ideal Program of Training for Psychotherapists: Patterns of Institutional Sponsorship [1969], 21. Comments on Behavioral Science in Medicine [1968], 22. Psychology for the General Practitioner [1948], Part IV. Relationship with Psychoanalysis, 23. One Psychologist as Analysand [1940], 24. Training in Clinical Psychology-A Note on Trends [1945], 25. Psychoanalytic Education of Behavioral and Social Scientists for Research [1962], 26. Ethics for a Scientific Age-Some Moral Aspects of Psychoanalysis [1965], Part V. Commitment to Public Service, 27. On the Rewards (and, Alas, Frustrations) of Public Service [1968], Epilogue, Bibliography, Index


    David Shakow