1st Edition

Clinical Psychology in the Mental Health Inpatient Setting International Perspectives

Edited By Meidan Turel, Michael Siglag, Alexander Grinshpoon Copyright 2020
    486 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    486 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This ground-breaking volume provides an encompassing and detailed account of clinical psychologists' highly varied work on the psychiatric ward in mental health inpatient settings. An international collection of clinical psychologists describe challenges and achievements inherent to their work, illustrating application of established, state-of-the-art, and cutting-edge methods and modes of intervention, assessment, therapeutic work, training, and leadership roles currently practiced in these settings.

    Chapters present numerous examples of psychologists' ability to contribute in multiple ways, benefiting patients, staff, and the overall functioning of the ward. Each of the book’s four sections is dedicated to a specific domain of the clinical psychologist’s work within the psychiatric inpatient setting. These include systemic modes of intervention; psychotherapeutic interventions; assessment and psychodiagnosis; and internship and supervision.

    From novice to experienced practitioners, psychologists will gain insight from the innovative and creative ideas this book brings to the practice of clinical psychology, as well as the practical suggestions that will enhance the varied interventions and therapeutic work they do in such settings.

    Table of Contents:

    Chapter 1: Editors' Introduction

    Meidan Turel & Michael Siglag

    Section 1: The Clinical Psychologist in the Psychiatric Inpatient Setting: Modes and levels of Intervention.

    Chapter 2: Introduction. (Editors)

    Chapter 3: The Clinical Psychologist in an Open Psychiatric Setting

    Marilyn Charles (Austen Riggs Center, USA)

    Chapter 4: Therapy Beyond Walls: The Clinical Multi Level Work on the Psychiatric Ward

    Mark McFetridge (UK)

    Chapter 5: The Role of Clinical Psychologists in Psychiatric Inpatient Units in Austalia: State of the Field & Future Directions.

    Peter Walker (AU)

    Chapter 6: Three Dynamic Roles of the Clinical Psychologist in the Psychiatric Acute Ward

    Amit Fachler (ISR)

    Chapter 7: The Benefit of Support Plans in Psychiatric Inpatient Settings

    Jimmy Kim & Peter D'Amacio (USA, NY)

    Chapter 8: Continuity Model of Care: Working Across Acute Inpatient to Community-based Clinical


    Kim Griffiths, Hannah Green, Suzie Lemmey (UK)

    Chapter 9: Development & Work with a Behavioural Tool in the Psychiatric Forensic Ward

    Enav Or-Gordon (CZECH)

    Chapter 10: "From Brothers at Arms to Therapeutic Brethren:" A Model for the Clinical Psychologist's Group work with Psychiatric Inpatient Nursing Staff.

    Einat Kalmus (ISR)

    Chapter 11: A Path Taken: A Personal Perspective on the Clinical Psychologist's Role and Involvement within the Psychiatric Inpatient System.

    Michael Siglag (USA)

    Chapter 12: On Trying To Stay Sane in Insane Places: A Personal Account of a Clinical Psychologist's Struggles on the Psychiatric Inpatient Ward.

    Jim Geekie (UK)

    Section 2: Psychotherapeutic Interventions in the Psychiatric Inpatient Ward

    Chapter 13: Editors' Introduction.

    Chapter 14: CBT For Psychosis on the Psychiatric Inpatient Ward

    Sally Riggs (USA)

    Chapter 15: Psychotherapy in an In-patient Ward: A Clinical Psychologist’s Use of Psychoanalytic Informed Work with Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma

    Beatriz S. Curtis (UK)

    Chapter 16: "All Brief Therapy Is Not Created Equal": The Contribution of Psychology in Short-Stay Mental Health Inpatient Admissions

    Manish Parswani & Malcolm W. Stewart (NZ)

    Chapter 17: Mentalization & Psychotherapy: A Psychologist's Work with Violent Patients on the Psychiatric Inpatient Unit

    Dione N. Johnson (USA)

    Chapter18: The Clinical Psychologist's Work in a Forensic Ward: Building a Transitional Space in a Shelter for the Criminally Offending Mentally Ill

    Yehiel Peri (ISR)

    Section 3: Psychodiagnostics in the Psychiatric Inpatient Ward

    Chapter 19: Editors introduction.

    Chapter 20: Psychological Testing in the Inpatient Psychiatric Setting: A Way of Listening, Learning, and Holding Patients and Psychotherapists

    Christina Biedermann, Jeremy Ridenour, Spencer E. Biel (USA)

    Chapter 21: "Listening to the Music of the Mind": The Uses of Psychological Assessment in the Diagnosis of Psychotic Disorders in a State Psychiatric Center

    Paul Saks (USA)

    Chapter 22: The Role of Psychological Testing in the Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital: "Mentalizing the Elephant"

    Shweta Sharma & Patricia Daza (USA)

    Section 4: Clinical Psychology Internship and Supervision in the Psychiatric Inpatient setting

    Chapter 23: Editors' Introduction

    Chapter 24: An Intern's Experience of Clinical Psychology Training on the Psychiatric Ward: No Training Wheels*. (*Stabilizers)

    Daria Mamon (USA)

    Chapter 25: The Benefits and Challenges of Clinical Psychology Internship Programs in Psychiatric Inpatient Settings.

    Valerie Sims (USA)

    Chapter 26: The Most Difficult Lesson: The Impact of Patient Suicide on Training in the Psychiatric Hospital

    Patricia Daza & Shweta Sharma (USA)

    Chapter 27: An Intern's Experience on an Acute Closed Ward: "From a shadow to a bird" - The Psychotherapeutic Process of Ms. N

    Karin Reddi (ISR)

    Chapter 28: Concluding Chapter by the Editors


    Meidan Turel, MA, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Israel and Director of psychological services in a public inpatient and outpatient mental health center.

    Michael Siglag, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years of experience working in inpatient civil psychiatric and forensic settings, both in direct service and leadership positions.

    Alexander Grinshpoon, MD, PhD, MHA, is a specialist in psychiatry and the Director of a public mental health center in Israel, as well as the head of the psychiatry department in the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

    "In today’s world of managed care and psychiatric institutions, one wonders what the role of clinical psychologists is in inpatient settings. This much-needed book answers this question by bringing together a collection of chapters written by international experts with years of inpatient experience. We learn that psychologists bring their special understanding of the unconscious and their ability to navigate interdisciplinary teams and to help assuage the anxiety faced when working with serious mental illness. Psychological treatment, supervision, testing, and team work are all discussed in this book, which I recommend to beginners and experienced clinicians alike."

    Danielle Knafo, Ph.D., Professor, Long Island University, and author of Living with Terror, Working with Trauma: A Clinician’s Handbook

    "This book presents the many ways in which psychologists in inpatient settings serve as leaders in promoting recovery. The focus on developing rich, person-centered formulations and partnering with individuals served makes this text a useful resource for psychologists from all theoretical backgrounds. For the experienced CBT clinician, you’ll find familiar concepts of collaboration, empathy, and understanding as they present in the unique context of inpatient care, and you will also see where these approaches overlap in many ways with those of our psychodynamic and attachment-oriented colleagues. This book is written for those like me who have a passion for providing recovery-oriented and formulation-driven treatment."

    Ellen Inverso, PsyD, co-author of the forthcoming book Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Schizophrenia

    "Thoughtful clinical psychologists, from six countries and a multitude of perspectives, offer their reflections and practical suggestions, all based on real experiences, and a clear commitment to humanizing an often dehumanizing setting. This will be invaluable for clinical psychologists all over the world."

    Professor John Read, University of East London, editor of ‘Models of Madness’

    "This book is something of a landmark, an international study of the role clinical psychologists play in inpatient settings, working mainly with people experiencing psychosis."

    David Kennard, Retired Clinical Psychologist and Group Analyst, York, UK, in  Clinical psychology in the mental health inpatient setting: international perspectives, Psychosis.


    "Clinical Psychology in the Mental Health Inpatient Setting is a welcomed text for practicing clinicians, regardless of their professional setting or experience with inpatient populations…Turel, Siglag, and Grinshpoon bring together a group of exemplary clinical scholars, each of whom makes a meaningful contribution to the text, just as they have to the lives of the most severely ill amongst us. As such, Clinical Psychology in the Inpatient Mental Health Setting is a worthwhile read."

    Anthony F. Tasso, Fairleigh Dickinson University, book review in NJ Psychologist (Winter, 2021, vol 71).