2nd Edition

Clinical Studies in Neuro-psychoanalysis
Introduction to a Depth Neuropsychology

ISBN 9781855753365
Published December 30, 2000 by Routledge
336 Pages

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Book Description

When the first edition of Clinical studies in Neuro-Psychoanalysis was published in 2000, it was hailed as a turning point in psychoanalytic research. It is now relied on as a model for the integration of neuroscience and psychoanalysis. It won the NAAP's Gradiva Award for Best Book of the Year 2000 (Science Category) and Mark Solms received the International Psychiatrist Award 2001 at the American Psychiatric Association's annual meeting. The authors have added a glossary of key terms of this edition to aid their introduction to depth neuropsychology. 'Freud, in his 1895 Project for a Scientific Psychology, attempted to join the emerging discipline of psychoanalysis with the neuroscience of his time. But that was a hundred years ago, when the neuron had only just been described, and Freud was forced - through lack of pertinent knowledge - to abandon his project. We have had to wait many decades before the sort of data which Freud needed finally became available. Now, these many years later, contemporary neuroscience allows for the resumption of the search for correlations between these two disciplines.

Table of Contents

Preface -- Foreword -- Foundations -- The historical origins of psychoanalysis in neuroscience -- Psychoanalysis and the origins of dynamic neuropsychology: the work of Luria -- An example: the neurodynamics of dreaming -- The future of psychoanalysis in neuroscience: a methodological proposal -- Observations -- Psychoanalytic observations on a case of Broca’s aphasia: normal mourning -- Psychoanalytic observations on a case of Wernicke’s aphasia: perforated consciousness -- Psychoanalytic observations on a case of left parietal damage: a man with a shattered world -- Psychoanalytic observations on five cases of right perisylvian damage: failure of mourning -- Psychoanalytic observations on four cases of ventromesial frontal damage: “the end of the world” -- Integration -- Towards a neuroanatomy of the mental apparatus -- Notes on Neuroscientific Terminology

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