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Diabetes Clinician's Desk Reference

Diabetes: Clinician's Desk Reference

2nd Edition

By M. Cecilia Lansang, Richard David Leslie, Tahseen A. Chowdhury, Keren Zhou
November 14, 2022

The book explains the underlying pathophysiology of the disease and covers in detail all its main forms and complications. Separate chapters consider the range of treatment options, together with summaries of key clinical trials. Coverage also includes epidemiology and classification, as well as ...

Asthma Clinician's Desk Reference

Asthma: Clinician's Desk Reference

1st Edition

By J Douglas, Kurtis Elward
July 29, 2019

As the series title implies each Clinician’s Desk Reference is a practical resource and a daily aid for physicians in the hospital setting and in primary care.Asthma is one of the most important chronic disorders in the developed world. Evidence from around the world shows the prevalence of asthma ...

Parkinson's Disease Clinican's Desk Reference

Parkinson's Disease: Clinican's Desk Reference

1st Edition

By Donald Grosset, Hubert Fernandez, Katherine Grosset, Michael Okun
June 26, 2009

This books’ coverage ranges from incidence, diagnosis, investigation, drug treatments, non-motor features of Parkinson’s Disease, assessment scales and surgical intervention, to the role of nurses, physio– and occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, dieticians, and to the use of ...

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